Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Here is our latest Sunday Q&A session with Ashley Wood and as usual a lot of info about our very own lines and licensed figures. Plenty highlights in this one actually, but it would be a crime not to mention 1:1 Squares straight away!

Before we proceed, here is how you can submit your interesting and original questions: by contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at WorldOf3A Facebook page wall or via WorldOf3A twitter and your question might get featured (as sadly we can't answer on each and every questions here) in one of future sessions. Thank you for all your questions and interest.

Q: I love Custard and Emma, thank you for making them! Is Laika going to be a retailer sale or Bambaland? Is it going to be polystone or vinyl? I personally prefer vinyl or plastic.
A: Resin or some similar material as we don’t sell enough to cover costs, the mold costs just make it not an option when it comes to some stuff, shit, but reality!

Q: Do Tomorrow Kings have childhood of some sort or are they ‘harvested’ after maturity?
A: They train from childhood, when they hit certain skill levels they go into active service.

Q: Was Astro N.O.M. one of the N.O.M. members that attacked Rothchild’s Moon Base?
A: No N.O.M. attacked Rothchild directly, during the moon exodus a N.O.M. operative helped by convincing a defense bot to bomb Rothchild's Moonbase etc.

Q: What does Barguest want? Whats his end game? Total domination? The supreme under his boot? We know he has the gravedigger faction of bots but does he also have his own plumes? Like a army of fallen plumes? Is Barguest allied with Kuan or is Kuan doin his own thing? If Jung de Plume is Kuans disciple why is he not fallen with the cloth face mask? Will We see a fallen version of Jung?
A: That's not to reveal here…

Q: Is Handsome Wu shipping soon?  I'm positively ecstatic for his release, as I and a friend split the pack!  One question though, does he have pants under his suit, or just the suit?
A: Ha, they have stuff on, no free bagging pandas!

Q: This is classic question and recurring question and maybe boring one, but I (and we) feel never enough about squares, and you said WWRp Square MK1 hasn't retired yet, so.. are the super pack of WWRp Squares MK1 are still in the project? 20 or 30 pack of WWRp Squares MK1 would be cool!
A: It would!

Q: So, Girl Neptune is one of "The Seven". Who else is in this group (Sham, Lass, Misty Slush?), and what is their primary motive? You mention they "can do just about anything", care to elaborate? Thanks!
A: I will one day, these stories and concepts are my life's works and will be told over time. MS and MRS are in there to, they all represent a circle around Lasstranaut who sits at the middle!

Q: About the Elite Hatchery Guard, as I’ve only ever heard him referred to as the before-mentioned, or simply "Hatcher", I was wondering if he has a proper name?
A: Aiki

Q: What's the story behind HARD 30 CORP in WWR universe? Do they have another bots (not only Mighty Square)? Because I love to build colorway squad, and their color and insignia is very cool.
A: HARD30 are an engineering corp, so far there has been Mighty and a regular Square, but keep a look out for some upcoming stuff very soon! I am very fond of the name and design too!

Q: When are we going to see more WWR EVOL 4SQUARES colorways?
A: When we can sample them, hopefully soon!

Q: Regarding Wanka Square and golden ticket, I missed one, but was thinking about buying one on the secondary market. Will the rights to buy 3AGO Square will be transferred as well? And can you please share more about 3AGO Squares, are they only for Golden ticket holders or that’s for specific colorway?
A: At this time only customers who got it directly from us will be offered, as it's the only way to be sure of the purchase, as we are not asking for the ticket to be returned etc.

Q: Are you planning to introduce Pascha figures in 3AGO scale?
A: Nope, Pascha is 1/6th all the way, she demands that size! Or bigger!

Q: I have a question regarding the Popbot Ninja TQs, what did you mean saying on last Sundays Q & A "Being pre-made for our new world of 3A?" What is "New World of 3A", is it an upcoming toy show/festival or revamp of the World of 3A site? Thanks!
A: Well 2015 will see a new way of selling at 3A, we want to take the wait out of toys, at least for half the releases that are not beholden to the traditional pre-order system, some lines like licensed ones really have to stay in that realm. January will see the new system start to be rolled out!

Q: Any chance for Silver or Gold E.D.O after Bronze one?  
A: I would love to do a dirty chrome version, DEATH STAR EDOI!

Q: So are we going to get to see AK MegaZomb in time from Halloween? Any hints for Halloween drops this year?
A: Bummer, but no, I’m waiting just like you, somewhere the Mega Zomb waits in sampling! Halloween is a strange and mysterious time , who knows what will appear… But if all goes well we are sure excited to introduce a new branch of 3A...

Q: We didn’t have a lot of TKLUB releases this year (about to have a couple now though), but I wanted to know where this line is going and what are your plans regarding TKLUB for the next year?
A: Well I want to wrap up this TKLUB asap, before end of year, so you guys can get those TQ’s. Then rethink it all, I think the KLUB part is great and a fun way to say thanks, but it becomes complicated when not managing it correctly! Due to a relatively large setup (as in output) and the main output managed and designed by basically two people (Hi Siu) it can get a little complicated and we are in the process of streamlining and making it all work in a better way, this takes time and there is no simple overnight fix, but as hinted at 2015 will see us putting our new systems in place so you guys have a fun experience with 3A! I know that many think we have huge teams doing everything, and why the fuck doesn’t it just run smoother etc, but simply we are few doing much and really reburning our candles at both ends to deliver the best we can!

Q: With the release of Little Shadow coming up soon, is there a chance for a new Zombot ? I was not part of 3A when the first few were released and I would love a chance at it.
A: Well I will tell ya now, SUNDAY MORNING ORGY OF ADVENTURE, has a Zombot.. I still love the 4pack set from the Beijing show...

Q: I'm excited to learn more about Merde and his particular story arc. Any plans for the Downside, Golden Zombot or Lemon Guard in 2015?
A: Ol Lemon, really should have his day stands in my studio guarding away.. Golden exists already too.. Don’t forget the Golden Dopiness Combat Trainer, KING COCKLER….

Q: Who would win in a fight a Mumb or a Zomb? How dangerous are the Mumbs? is there a Mega Mumb?
A: Mumbs are strong and fast, they mince the Zomb.

Q: I wanted to know more about clear body Micromen shown at latest conventions? Are they Series two or you improved the first one?
A: They are from our ongoing retail String Diver series, the ones shown are from our retail selection for territory outside Japan etc, where our first release was restricted too. Will have much info soon!

Q: Who or what did the hand of fate belong to originally?
A: Mmmm, good question, my notes say it belonged to Merde Mission's nemesis THE GALLOW! So I guess, it belonged to THE GALLOW! The sketch is cool too, must get around to making him!

Q: I was curious about The Destiny license ? You will probably make every class: Titan, Warlock and Hunter. But will you do both sex ? Female and male of every Class ? What about Race ? Human, Exo and Awoken? I am just curious If I could buy the character I am playing.  
A: We will make as many as we can, but really, the longevity of the line relies on the support, we have them all in active development, but need your support to make them all happen!

Q: The 6th TK drop caused a stir (not in a good way), and the manner of the sale is raising some questions. When you described the changes that 3A is making, regarding sales, you mentioned that things could be getting more "dangerous". Is this last drop an example of how further sales will take place for 3A?
A: It wasn’t that different from LTD we have done over the years, in fact there were quite a few, a lot of the restriction came from some customers buying 10 of each etc, which we recycled on return to the office after sale. Never want to make you guys upset, but we could only get a certain amount pre-made in time, originally there were only going to be the show versions but we thought Bamba should get a chance too.

Q: What will be the next 3A Parade release? Any guesstimate on a sale date?
A: SEAFIGHT, and soon as we can, Parade release one is shipping very soon, I think you guys that supported the line will be very happy!

Q: Can you give us any indication of what might be in the 3AA 2015 pack?
A: Made quick and delivered in a timely manner.

Q: Hey Ash! Missed you at NYCC this year, but fully understand how you can't be at Taiwan and NY at once. Any chance you will be in town for the convention next year or it’s April 2015 for the Levine show?
A: Well we are rethinking our shows, looking at ways to make the experience better and different!

Q: Just got Adventure Kartel in my hands and it’s awesome, thank you so much for doing that! What is next? Are we going to see WWR book shipped soon?
A: Thanks, I believe the WWR book is December. Felt good to see the AK book, have quite a few books lined up!

Q: Can we get an update on how the more recent events in the WWR universe have effected some of the classic forces (Bromwich, Deimos, Gravedigger, etc)?
A: As the toys released these stories will be revealed, part of the story telling of WWR.

Q: Are you finished working on Kowloon Ghost Leg? Can’t wait for it and when we might see another leg like that?
A: Soon as we ship them, which is this month I’m told ( I kinda dropped the ball on the prints in the boxes, so don’t blame 3A, blame Ash) ! We have the clear and TAT legs good to go. All part of the ASH WOOD Collection … Will be dropping onto on our first 1:1 SQUARE SALE soon, bought and shipped from Bamba, pre-made and good to go!