Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Welcome to our latest Q&A session with Ashley Wood! I know that many were really excited about upcoming 1:1 Squares sale last week and today you can find more information about here, plus we have few interesting questions about Destiny; HALO; Half-Life 2 (in 1/6th and 8" 3AGO scale) and Transformers. And of course you can find more intel about our own worlds, such as WWR; Adventure Kartel and Popbot!

Before we proceed, here is how you can submit your fresh and original questions: by contacting me via mail: gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at WorldOf3A Facebook page wall or via WorldOf3A twitter and your question might get featured (as sadly we can't answer on each and every questions here) in one of future sessions. Thank you for all your questions and interest.

Q: With the recent World War Robot Mighty Square sale, I was wondering what the Mighty Squares actually do on the battlefield and what advantage they have over the smaller Squares?
A: They are like hubs, mobile logistic centers. They can also be fitted to haul heavy shit, etc.

Q: Any chance to see entirely new Adventure Kartel Fighting JC at Bambaland this or next year? I love this guy!
A: I think next year will herald BFTG JC.

Q: You mentioned there was a possibility of a 6th Anniversary Tomorrow King 3-pack to be made available as general sales, any update on that? And what are the chances for offering these classic TKs bundled with some new bot heads (killer for new collectors and veterans who have OG ones)?
A: With our packed schedule it doesn’t seem possible at this time, we have new TK’s to focus on anyway, great to see the classic again, but our eyes are firmly on the future!

Q: I'm a huge VALVe fan and own all of threeA Portal related stuff. What are the chances of seeing the Half-Life figs that was mentioned earlier in the year?
A: We are working away on Half Life 2 in 1/6th and we will be having a range on the 8” 3AGO line. More info when closer to release!

Q: Seems that a lot of Tomorrow Kings are searching the Underverse lately, why is that?
A: Because it's where everything started and will end. Plus they, like all of us, are looking for their home.

Q: I'm curious about the Irimi Mortis Hoaxer, why does she have a gas mask? Is it Irimi disguised as a Mortis or the other way around?
A: Not a mask, that's the face.

Q: Anything you can share about upcoming 1:1 Squares sale you briefly mentioned? Like a price and how shipping options would be handled?
A: Price includes shipping, which is actually the largest part of the price. Price and other info when it's time, these are my brillo boxes, this is what 3A gives me the ability to create - large items without the hindrance of market forces. These Squares represent a path I have been going towards since I started 3A. So I guess I can clear up some stuff. The Squares will in fact be on Bambaland now, as well it's my store and everyone knows it and won't have any issues that using my other store might incur! As said the price is including shipping. There are 20 variants made, 15 will be sold on Bamba, instead of artist editions I'm just keeping some them, and not diluting the market with AP editions. There are also 5 DIY versions to be painted by yours truly, but not sold with these editions, but for later gallery or show events. We will have the final price this coming week, once the shippers finalize the costings.

Q: Huge Microman fan here and you have my envy! Please do share, how does it feel to design your own? And what Microman awesomeness is coming our way?
A: Feels Great, a dream come true! If all goes well we will have some new designs very soon!

Q: Any info you can share about the AKLUB Ms. Shadow figure? Will we see any photos before she ships or you want to surprise us?
A: Soon!

Q: Any chance of doing one of those Tomorrow Kings masks again from Re-Venture? Would love one of those! TKLUB thingy or some sort of anniversary?
A: They were creepy and great, maybe a new one one day if we do a 3A show!

Q: The addition of the Ronin solidified that a certain amount of Tomorrow Kings are able to turn away from the primary mission. Are there any outright nasty, bad-apple, criminal TKs wandering around (Lopers aside)?
A: Lopers are not bad, infact they are probably the best chance the TK have! There are many TK’s that fall away from their teachings, some just wander, some make a difference, some change the universe.

Q: Can we please get Future Mort for 3AA 2015?
A: He is on the list!

Q: Why has it come to “the last TK” what happened to the DNA samples?
A: Well it's because…………….

Q: Excited to see what plans you have for the Halloween release!  Would love to see your take on a monster line!?!
A: Well Halloween is special this year as we get to introduce our new designer Crystal! Watch the blog!

Q: You mentioned that Dead Astronaut Gangsta is going to be employing the help of Golden Dolphin to hunt Tommy but what does Peppermint Grove think of her brothers actions. Is she going to be a “villain" also or is she siding with Tommy and the gang?
A: She wants her brother's robot hand and quite willing to kill him to get it. Peppermint doesn’t really think much of the Dolphin, her plans and thoughts are on bigger things.

Q: Do you have any plans for a 2015 calendar? I really need one!
A: I do, but do you guys really want one?

Q: Will we see more hand options included with figures down the line. Fists, better gripping sword hands, eta?
A: Some have come with them already, some don’t, depends on the toy and my thinking on it.

Q: With Daywatch & Nightwatch bots being confirmed as NOM ever since "the parade",... are there any other “NOM bot factions" out there under their regular sway? Emanation & Calignosity stork eyes look to be the start of something newly revealed, so I’m curious if the 1/6 world will see NOM's bots broaden out.
A: I'm sure they will….

Q: I don't know that much (really anything at all) about Adventure Kartel, but seeing the inclusion of JC, one would think that there is somewhat of a Judeo-Christian presence in the AK universe. Are there other biblical entities present in that world (angels, demons, Saints (besides the obvious Saint of Vengeance), Lucifer, etc.?
A: AK has everything going, it's my sandbox, you name the combo, it can happen!

Q: You mentioned threeA show in Hong Kong this December, very excited about it and hoping that I can make it there. Are there any dates? Is it going to be up for few days / weeks?
A: Well we have a booth at Toy show in December in Hong Kong, all info dates on the blog soon!

Q: There was talks about a Transformers line a while ago. Is there anything you can share about it?  
A: On sale very very soon! Really, watch the blog!

Q: I have always been a fan of 1/6 and 1/4 scale articulated figures and I see them as a form of art, which is why I also want to make them as well. However I do not know how to begin and would like to ask for your advice so that I may start my path to make them for fun and have a career doing what you love to do like you.  What do I have to do or learn to make 1/6 articulated figures like you and other well known 1/6 scale artists? What skills or experiences do I need to acquire? Thank you very much for your time, I hope you can help me and I look forward for your response.
A: Just do it, get a 1/6th body and go for it ( make the heads hand and feet, hand sculpt, use 3D software and cheap 3D printers to produce etc ), but the best skill, don’t  follow or do what is being done, the world needs your vision and originality, not more Hot Toys, or Ash Wood 3A looking stuff, the best path is your path, and it will be the most successful. A hint, sure you can take and build on successful stuff out there, but at best it's a remix, you're not the originator nor really an artist, just an engineer of minor change and smoke, be an artist, be original and not look to be popular, but a way to serve a new vision!

Q: it’s revealed that three original Tomorrow Kings (Hideo, Yoji, and Kenshiro) have brothers (the 7th TK), but how about Tomorrow Queens threeway (Yubi, Odayaka, Yumiko), do they have any sisters? Yubi is my favorite TQ so far..
A: The TKLUB FREE TQ’s are pretty much that, the same lineage!

Q. Before I renew my 3AA I would like to know, will the majority of figures released during 2015 be available for 3AA Members for a 24 hr period as they have been in previous years? Several times now you have mentioned changes in 2015 to improve things, and also more pre-made figures to avoid waiting. Based on previous pre-made releases this seems to mean limited numbers and a frenzy on Bamba to grab toys. Will 3AA members get any guarantees with this new approach? I certainly would be very concerned about renewing if not. I am sure I am not alone in being unable to regularly monitor a website and wait for random drops over a 24hr period. I certainly cannot be awake regularly at 9.00am Hong Kong time either. Please can you reassure that 3A toys won’t get harder to buy for 3AA members?  
A: I get that, but the problem with guarantee per figure is we cannot make stuff ahead of time, which is a path for 3A, sure many toys require pre-order, expensive or toys that cannot fall easily into pre-made territory, etc (but with guaranteed delivery dates and short production windows). But I think the ability to buy and get a toy the same week is a good trade off, sure there is chance you can’t get them all. From all accounts as we talk to the members at shows and online, is that the discount is paramount, the biggest complaint is the wait, the delays, so we have taken note. We have a good idea on the amounts needed for toys, we can gauge what's needed, but someone will always miss out I’m sure, not fun, but we want to change the way things are done and that will be met with opposition. I hope the reason you collect our toys is because you love them, not because it's easy to collect or simple, I concur that doesn’t make up for the fact that you might not get something you really want either. So in short 2015 3AA will be similar, but there will be pre-made ready to ship toys that have no guarantee attached for anyone. Maybe this time next year I won’t be writing these responses as 3A is a ghost due to my ideas of selling toys, but you know, at least I didn’t just keep my head down with my eye on your wallet stick with the status quo, enjoy 6-12 month pre-order windows to milk the toy market down the last dollar, etc and take no risks, bring a different (actually the old way of selling toys) way of doing things to market. We love every 3AA member, and never would we want shade brought to your world, but we have to try and do things differently, it's in my blood, and I think many of you will get that.

Q: With all the bots you make, did threeA ever thought about diecast? Berties for example would be jaw dropping…
A: It would be great, fully agree!

Q: Is there still a possibility of getting a threeA Covenant Elite as part of the Halo line, or are only Spartans like the Master Chief being developed at this time?
A: We have the Elite, actually one of the first figures we started, we want to release it too!

Q: Are there any Fallen or Hive figures in development for the Destiny line? I’d really love to see a Fallen Captain or Hive Wizard figure.
A: When we get these licenses we do with the intention of making all the cool characters , the only thing stopping the line covering all the bases is the success of it. I know our Destiny figures will be unmatched, like our Halo toys are the best going, we take great pride in these and really hope to deliver the characters we all  want to see!

Q: When are we gonna see a photo or teaser of the World War Robot 1/6 Birdcage? Really want a look so I can see what I am saving for. There are a few WWR things coming up for preorder in December, but cant get them all unfortunately. So need to plan a little.
A: When it's ready to show, over the years I have found it detrimental to show before finished, opinions are forged without all parts in place! Birdy is moving along great and we will reveal ASAP! I do appreciate your needing to plan as well!

Q: What was the most fun and challenging part in making your own Doctor Doom?
A: Actually not a challenge, it's just fun, I grew up with this stuff, spent life thinking about Marvel comics, kinda just flows out. Such a privilege!

Q: Any chance you make use of the clear body (like used on Paschaborg) in the world of AK with a ghost character maybe? With GID eyes?
A: I think of the design of Paschaborg and it made sense and worked, has a machine like feel etc. To get a cool ghost effect would take some re-thinking, who doesn’t love a ghost right !!!