Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Welcome to our latest Q&A session with Ashley Wood, we had a small break this month, but today we are back and this sessions covers a lot of your questions, including WWR SOTF and WWR questions in general; Xmas XXX set; EVENFALL; Marvel Ultron and Spiderman and much more!

Before we proceed, here is how you can submit your interesting and original questions: by contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at WorldOf3A Facebook page wall or via WorldOf3A twitter and your question might get featured (as sadly we can't answer on each and every questions here) in one of future sessions. Thank you for all your questions and interest.

Q: Anything you can share about Marvel Ultron or Spider-man?
A: Ultron on sale soon, Spider-man early next year!

Q: I am loving the AP Adventure Kartel retail set! They are so well executed and the selection is brilliant. Could we possibly get a Bambaland release of the 3 remaining Ankous ( orange , blue & black ). Possibly a three pack? Maybe throw in a AP Custard the Satanic Labrador as a bonus please?
A: Maybe, let me see what I can do to side that up!

Q: Can you share any intel on the processes of infection in the word of Evenfall? Does a Strigoi feed off you then your dead body rises infected and you are now a Strigoi? Or do the Strigoi only turn specific victims they want by choice? Are the Strigoi in Evenfall light sensitive? Stay in the dark? Can they talk or communicate with each other?
A: Well they do communicate , but the Alien is a parasite almost, a drone for the Aliens, they're low-level soldier and spreader of darkness. Next is the TOTEM Robot that will lead into more info!

Q: S&D UKTK/TQ are some great figures, they seem to encapsulate the look of 2nd wave UK punks (some of the best punk music ever made). You've mentioned interest in undertaking other 'scene' specific TKs in the future (Mod and Goth), and that's awesome. Punk rock is such a lush and broad genre to draw inspiration from, there are so many eras and locations to represent, is there a chance that you continue to visit the genre in ongoing TK/Qs?
A: GOTH next, the music genre TK is so much fun to mess with, and I gotta say how lucky I am to have such cool supporters where I can dabble in this stuff. MOD after GOTH, C86 TK :)

Q: What kinda music does Tommy and Shadow listen too? Whose their favorite bands?
A: Anything that isn’t popular and has subversive lyrics and the like. They love BLACK RAINBOW and many of Tommy's and Shadow's shirts are Band shirts.

Q: Why did you go with changing and flashing lights on 4Squares sensors over solid color? Do they use it specifically on the field?
A: Yup, spectrum filtering sensors, some Squares have solid, some the spectrum, just depends on their locale and job at hand!

Q: We have been in desperate need of more WWR drops this past year and I am very excited for December but all of those WWR drops at once is gonna be rough for a lot on limited budgets including myself. Could you please consider all those drops in December from a customers standpoint and maybe push one into earlier next year?
A: Well it's not a case of planning it, just turned out like that, we will try and leave up , but due to the factory schedule I’m kinda trapped in a hard situation. We really want to deliver on time and good quality and part of that is being tight on stuff. But I will see what I can wrangle. We got Dropcloth, Bertie, Birdcage and more!

Q: So, what exactly is WWR SOTF? Is it a chapter within WWR Evol or maybe a side story? Could you please divulge any new characters to make an appearance?
A: It will be the ongoing storyline in WWR told by the toy releases, Rothchild is in South America, the Earth Faction has disbanded and countries are going to war with each other over support for Mars. In between all this, the NOM will push harder to be a known force and an alternative path for mankind. Also HERBET AND SPENCER are starting to fill the void Rothchild has left! S O T F Survival of the Fittest

Q: How many Dropcloths will be for sale and will we have preview pics for them all? Same questions for the Bertie sale. Any info regarding colourways and pricing would be gratefully appreciated.  
A: You will see soon!

Q: What’s the status of Beautiful War? Been asked few times in the past, but really can’t wait to flip through the pages and read it!
A: Well that's for the IDW Q+A , but seriously, it's case of doing it well, and maybe some bad time planning by me, blame me for all things!

Q: How do slicer swords work? Anything you can share about them?
A: They are electrified and vibrate at a unique frequency that can cut anything, pretty standard really!

Q: Would you be interested in making 1/12th scale Marvel figures? Would love to have your Iron Man, but don’t have space and funds for 1/6th scale ones.
A: Our deal is for only 1/6th, 1/12th would be cool, but I’m not sure we could achieve the same kinda toy at that scale!

Q: Any hint on what next years membership will offer and is it Les Mort by any chance? If you can’t tell yet, can you please just wink or find another way to hint us what’s coming, haha?  
A: Contains 3 figures, mm maybe 4 if you look at it a certain way….

Q: Since the TKLUB has stretched out over this past year from last year, will it be necessary for people wishing to complete the KLUB purchases to renew their membership, or will membership be waived for remaining KLUB purchases?
A: They can still complete the latest KLUB, won’t leave them out! Even if not a member.

Q: There was the Companion Cube Square, do the other licenses allow for cross-over toys like that? For example, a Pascha dressed like Cortana from Halo?
A: Well we can ask, but seems obvious to me, like the Companion Square. I want to see HALO - PASCHA - for all characters!

Q: Anything you can share about Obsidian TK, is he close to Negro TK in looks/appearance? Will we see White one now?
A: He was the first Shadow TK, and sent packing as his powers were considered heresy back in the day.. He is a Warlock TK, there isn’t a white version, but there is a skull faced VOODOO version, will offer sometime.

Q: Can you please talk about the paint application of the new WWR Evol Square versus the new WWR SOTF Dropcloth? Is the new Dropcloth made of vinyl or ABS?
A: All ABS, no vinyl involved.

Q: Is MOD still NOMs biggest threat in WWR EVOL or has that changed?
A: MOD is a threat to some, savior to others, NOM have a keen dislike of MOD, that has not changed! MOD’s identity will get the reveal this coming year, the clue was laid years ago, something I said online or somewhere!

Q: Would the TK Undernauts die if their masks were pulled off?
A: Slowly…

Q: Always love your depictions of fashionable women working on robots, will we see any bot and lady sets in toy form?
A: That would be cool, Pascha and bot… that’s a fine idea, if I do that, you get it for free! I’m sure Gimbs can work it out with ya!

Q: What WWR set are we going to see shortly? Is it going to be Iron Panda, WF or maybe both?!
A: Both, we wanted to offer a new Bramble version with, but it took longer than thought, just a minor arm rework etc, but as it's not a priority it took ages. but mm, bramble yo, gotta love the bramble!

Q: What is your favorite Tomorrow King design/look? Is it Oyabun in big and puffy jacket or perhaps one of the Slicers?
A: The original, the simplicity of the look and design really makes me feel I did well there, but that's more of an artist's view I guess, I like them all naturally or I wouldn’t offer! The slicers for their over-the-top-ness, the Ninja are cool too, Shogun etc.. I am a TK fan!

Q: Hey Ash, my TKYO yellow hornet boys are what really pushed me into the TK universe, and are by far my favorite set. Will the Girl RC group be being getting the Yellow Hornet / Interloper / DIY spin that the original boys got?
A: Of course, was gonna offer last week, but figured there was enough for sale.

Q: When we might see next EVENFALL drop and is going to be Totem T.H.U.G? Really excited about EVENFALL and can’t wait.
A: THUG next up, soon as the sample is done, I’m pushing for asap!

Q: As far as the new way of premade figures go, maybe the solution to the supply and demand issue would be to offer them again at a later date if there is enough demand?  With the old system, it was something you wouldn't do, but it might fit better with the new style of preorders.  It might discourage flippers from buying them all up, and it'd give people another shot a little later down the road if they missed out. Advance warnings help too!
A: Well yea, that's kinda what I’m thinking, basically multi runs if the demand is there, change up the packaging and other details from pre made and offer a pre order. We are looking to balance it out, not to make stress, you would be surprised that with the last pre made stuff, like the TK it was pretty close to demand, so we are getting a feel etc. 2015 will be pre order with hard shipping times and pre made, and if there is enough interest a pre order version of the pre made. I will be honest I don’t have the complete system worked out, no way to really know what the best fix is, but I want to try and make things better and more fun, I’m sure we can figure it all out as we go!

Q: What’s Halloween like in the AK World? Do people still dress up or are there so many monsters and creatures running about that it's just a time to fuck things up? Are there any unique holidays that aren’t in our world like Shadow City Remembrance Day (Since Newandria is on top of it)?
A: The AK world doesn’t really see the world of Halloween as that special a date, like you said it's kinda Halloween every day. The Robot War is remembered with glee, as many citizens got to shoot guns and blast robots etc, the Shadow family like to push ancient Egyptian religious periods as holidays in Newandria etc… It’s a fucked up place, any sane person would move to the next city, which is called IVANHOE for the curious...

Q: The TK’s have 2 styles of gloves, will the TQ’s ever see a more form fitting glove too?
A: RC has a tighter form fitting glove, Queeny did has a smaller glove too, mix and match! Use Little Shadows fists!

Q: Does the Last Stand Yama still keep his double swords along with the gun?
A: Nope, his swords shattered, he took that as a sign to change his path, after attempting to jump time to change the path of broken swords was fruitless. As past and future now conceded to the breakage!

Q: Would love to know the progress of Modern Girls line, if you can share of course?
A: Well we have vehicles, and we have sampled riders, but I’m not sure the market is there to support them and a figure, as it turns really pricey to do them. If it ain't a movie tie-inn it's pretty hard to get large support for something, and 1/6th vehicles really need that. I know many say just offer, and if no takers don’t make it, thats not us, we always deliver when we offer etc. Maybe a comic is needed to kindle interest etc.. but I’m so busy and have so many pending projects its hard to get too...

Q: As we are getting closer to 2015, I am curious to know what was your favorite release this year or you are saving up the best surprises for Christmas?
A: Parade is is high on my list of best of the year, Lasstranaut, 3AGO ( as I have seen them all already ). I think December will be a great month too… I am always looking forward, I’m always happily surprised when I see stuff we have done over the last year and think, that's pretty cool, only we would have made that etc.. that’s a good feeling!

Q: Are you still calculating the shipping for 1:1 Squares sale? Any hints whether they will be offered this month or in December? Or it will be surprise sale?
A: I am just making sure each is as good as it can get, I don’t want to rush them out, no need etc. I will give fair warning before the sale date!

Q: What does R/C stand for in Girl R/C name?
A: Secret, but it will be revealed as the story of her and TKYO follow to their conclusion !

Q: Any clues what will be included in Xmas XXX set?
A: Well, it consists of 3 different XXXMAS girls from the Pascha world, each comes with a sack, each different Xmas girl's sack comes with a piece of 1/6th clothing ( pants, shirt, shoes ) selling as singular if I remember, so more people get a chance, it's pre made and will be shipped ahead of Xmas, we were gonna sell on the 1st, but nah, not enough heads up, but it will be this coming week.

Q: Would you be interested in making enemies from Halo, for our Spartans to shoot at?
A: We are making an Elite.

Q: You been asked few times about music, movies and whatnot. But I don’t think that anyone asked you or T.P about your favorite book yet. Is there a book, which you like to re-read from time to time? Is it fiction, biography, sci-fi or something else?
A: I like bio’s for books and doco’s for films, nothing is more interesting than the human condition and how it reacts under less than normal situations etc. Bio’s and the like are good insights into this. T.P reads all the smart stuff that I just quote lines from to sound smart, as C3PO quotes just don’t seem to open doors like a good Oscar Wilde quote or line from Keats does!