Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Welcome to our latest Q&A session with Ashley Wood and as usual here you can find a lot of exciting info about our very own lines, such as WWR, Popbot, The World Of Isobelle Pascha; plus future Spawn and Microman plans!

Before we proceed, here is how you can submit your interesting and original questions: by contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at WorldOf3A Facebook page wall or via WorldOf3A twitter and your question might get featured (as sadly we can't answer on each and every questions here) in one of future sessions. Thank you for all your questions and interest.

Q: Are the WWR Berties going to be made with ABS too and any plans on offering the members of the Dirty Deeds squad individually? I definitely want to pick up Unforgiving with the machete.
A: Most of the bots are going that way, vinyl is cool for certain things, but ABS gives more control. Gonna offer a DD set in 3AGO!

Q: Will you be coming to Toysoul?
A: Yup, with Siu, Brent and Crystal

Q: Are there any male figures in The World Of Isobelle Pascha?
A: Yup, many, first male out in Jan if all goes well!

Q: Anything you can share about Bot Factory and Steam Workshop?
A: Yup, sure, it will be of course of my designs for the TF2 world etc.

Q: Would it be possible to see a clear plastic Pascha Cyborg style TK?
A: If there is a character that fits, sure!

Q: Are Hatchery TQ exist? TQ with meat cleaver sounds cool…
A: Yup, we made some years ago!

Q: Considering Last TKs, do you already know how Popbot ends or it keeps evolving?
A: I know the final scene well, have always known it, it's the best bit and probably the driving force in me wanting to finish the series. The TK are bit players in the Popbot story, major players in their own story.
Q: We Popbot collectors suffer from a severe shortage of 'baddies' for our collections, and every story needs its antagonists. I understand that TK Hunter should be on the horizon (and he looks fantastic), but can we expect subsequent Mortis releases in 2015?
A: Well we have the TK Hunter soon, another bot called the Sweeper, Mortis are there and few others like the 5 Bros etc.
Q: As year is coming to the end, will we see Ms Shadow? Or she is coming to AKLUB chapter two supporters after the holidays?
A: Soon as we can, have to ship the Zomb MD still, takes time, but we have never not delivered, hang in there!

Q: WWR is where I get my real meat and potatoes from 3A. Your comics, WWR books and snippets of intel nourish me. Any plans to drop a little more WWR knowledge by way of comic, or something less production-intensive like a propaganda pamphlet, during the upcoming Bertie sale? It’s definitely a bot worth celebrating with something. (p.s. - we need the Ash man back dropping nuggets of WWR during this drop!!!).
A: I am always dropping nuggets, hopeful the SOTF chapter will satisfy, new bots, new characters and old fav’s get a reboot!

Q: I know the 1.5 Dropcloths are coming up soon.  One of my favorite is Slaughterhouse. Sadly I started collecting 3A figures after both the 1/6 and 1/12 had come out and went way up in price on the secondary market. Will you think about doing another Slaughterhouse Dropcloth? Also have Slaughterhouses made it into this new chapter of WWR? BTW LOVE the Strigoi! He is very well done and was well worth the wait. Thanks Ash.  
A: Thanks for the Strigoi comment, such a small run of toys, but one of my fav’s, I guess I can’t expect a new line without much story out there to attract a legion of fans, maybe over time, but Striggy is a fun fig! A new slaughter house is coming, because he is too Slaughtery not too!

Q: I noticed WWRp Wanpi Square for Toycon…does it mean that long wanted and desired WWRp Square set is coming?
A: Siu seemingly had hijacked the WWRp square army and has gone rogue with them, I have sent a Caesar mk2 after them all!

Q: Are there any Spawn WIP happening at your studio? Can you pretty please post some sneaky teasers?
A: It is, but just the same ol story, limited time, want to do it well, as that's the only reason to do it!

Q: You hinted several figures for 3AA members and that got me thinking, what scale are the 3AA 2015 membership figures? My first guess would be 3AGO!
A: or 3.5: format, really small format yo!

Q: Can you tell us the name of each member of TKYO? So often within the Legion they are referred to as “Baka-head" TKYO, "Soh-head" TKYO, etc. It would be great to finally know the name of each member.
A: Baka head etc is a cool way to refer to them. The TKYO will get their final curtain call soon, as some of you know the YO are not a goofy band really, but a covert ops team, 5 members are seen, many more behind the scenes!

Q: Do you plan to make more Nabler Guys? They are so mischievous and fun to play with!
A: Well, I kinda think the small run we shipped is it, do you want more Nabler guys, then make some noise !

Q: Do you still have thoughts about making larger than Large Martin bot –– Oscar?
A: I will see how the new WWR stuff sells, the costs are really high on large bots and NEEDS LOTS OF FAN SUPPORT! Have a new Bramble coming, also some Haroldy stuff for retail.

Q: Who is JJ McGee? Is he like an imaginary friend and companion?
A: Imaginary Whoa, JJ is like the biggest drug lord in the Paschaverse, don’t let the lack of movement and speech fool ya, everyone want to be in his crew in London. JJ McGEE hails from HK!

Q: Is there a running joke you have at home, which always makes you smile?
A: Mmm shit, we live on them here at 7174 and 3A, hard to explain in writing though.

Q: Would like to know, if you can share any progress on 24” tall Pascha or Tomorrow Kings?
A: 24” Pascha should be at Toysoul.. A super niche product, but one we really care about!

Q: Do you still have plans to make Plusso and Minos Friends of TK set or that idea evolved into something else?
A: Ha, I want that, but I fear maybe only you and me want it!

Q: Can you please share what Microman are you working on and what’s in the store for us with the next release?
A: Next up we have a rest of the world ( as the first release was Japan only for retail etc ) STRING DIVERS retail only release, more transparent colours and a solid black one, these should be hitting the retail market in Jan for pre-order, then we have my Hoodman take the THETA EXPLORER. And if all goes well a vehicle to jet around in, its up to the market!

Q: What is the hardest or most favorite game (console or PC) you ever played?
A: Mmmmm , arcade Zaxxon, couldn’t get my dumb ass brain around the controls, and when that rocket early in the first level appeared I was toast, regardless of how many attempts I tried, though in my defense I was young.