Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Welcome to our latest Q&A session with Ashley Wood and in the beginning of this session, we are focusing on 3AA 2015 membership related question, prior to 3AA membership sign-up day on January 15th 9:00AM Hong Kong time.

Here is how you can submit your interesting and original questions: by contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at WorldOf3A Facebook page wall or via WorldOf3A twitter and your question might get featured (as sadly we can't answer on each and every questions here) in one of future sessions. Thank you for keep sending your questions and for your continuous interest in seeing these Q&A on the blog again!

Q: Could you please let me know, if 3AA membership will give me buying window of some sort or everyone is equal in front of pre-made sales? And what about 3AA exclusives? Thank you Ashley! 
A: 3AA will give discount and access to special versions of the toys over the coming year, as many sales will always be 24 hours minimum a guaranteed window isn’t needed. And yes 3AA will always have first crack at all pre-made toys, they will still be limited, but only 3AA will leave access at first, then any unsold will go general sale.

Q: I want to commit to 3AA Membership again this year but I would love to know if there will be any 3A IP AP figures so that I can use my discount?
A: There will be some, but historically only you buy them from Bambaland. And the rest buy from retailers. But I joke, so far the support is from the wilds of retail for AP stuff, always wondered why, but I guess that's just how it is. We plan to re-up the WWR 1/12th stuff this year, old and new etc. We still have the Scene packs as well. Long story short, some will be Bamba, some retail. It's hard to give a concrete answer, so I would defer from the 3AA if that is your path!

Q: Do you plan to offer some sort of 3AA exclusive KLUBS this year?
A: Yup, it's fun, doesn’t make any difference to sales, but it makes it different and that's what I’m about!

Q: How high is the 3AGO NOM BERTIE MK2, really curious how it would look next to my Bertie MK 2.1?
A: 8.2 inches, dwarfs the WWRp version.

Q: Please tell me more about JJ McGee and why does he love me?
A: He loves you in all the ways you like, and ways you never knew existed, he will always back you up in a pop culture debate even if you're majorly wrong! Apart from that he runs the rival drug business in the East End of London, Isobelle Pascha’s father is the major gangster in that part of the world!

Q: What is the significance of the types of birds used to title the series of art books that you produce and curate?
A: Just a lyrical way to string the books together in a loose collective.

Q: Will the DROP-POD include in any DC1.5 future release (other colourways release)? looking forward to this, coz after securing DDV2 and Mechanic, I can’t buy Civic DC due to membership drop on 15th... my budget are tight for now, but I want that DROP-POD?
A: Not sure to be honest, I sure would like to though!

Q: Any military manhunter (spec ops) Terran units designated to react to threats like Nom de Plume or other heavy hitters? Would love to see a Spec Ops grunt for SOTF.
A: The Shitty9 is a group out together to combat the NOM, but yea, as the NOM become a bigger threat to the Earth league, the response is always bigger and heavy weapons, that includes soldiers as well!

Q: Is Bertie MK2 DD V2 coming with ammo tank solely or perhaps there is lighter back engine as well for Machete & pistol mode?
A: Only one back pack as stated online, the lighter back pack is a different member..

Q: Are we going to see photos of next 1/6th scale Berties DD2 figures or they will be sold based on art?
A: Hope so, kinda tight at the moment ( Chinese New year is looming and we have so much to cover before it hits ) to sample them up. 3A is lucky to get support for unseen toys, but I understand those who don’t want to participate in that as well!

Q: Did Bertie MK2 DD V2 raise enough support to come with new severed heads?
A: Have to see, just tallying orders now, the large toys are not easy sells, actually nothing is, but I hope we can throw a head in, DD is kinda emo with his heads!

Q: What MK2 Berties colorways you plan to make, besides Dirty Deeds and Civic Defence? Any chance of Warbot one day?
A: Warbot will come out under a ZvR line, and soon!

Q: Did Herbert/Spencer steal Rothchild’s schematics to make the upcoming Alberto model? The H/S designs we’ve seen so far look very Rothchild in their aesthetics, will we see any radically different-looking designs?
A: Steal is a harsh word, inspired more like, H/S understand that change must be gradual and almost invisible.

Q: What kinda music do UKTK and UKTQ listen to?
A: I can totally picture them rocking out to Discharge, Judas Priest, Crass, Danzig, and Black Flag! Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, Sham 69, Joy Division, X-Ray Spex etc. They are rooted in the early punk, not so much the metal/US punk stuff. Good ol Judas Priest, that's a name I have not heard since, before the c….

Q: Is there anything you can share about WWR SOTF Birdcage? So intrigued about it! 
A: It’s a heavy duty transport bot basically you can load it up with much stuffs and it will always deliver, also can tow shit, it's handy in battle too, quick on its feet, can kick down walls, or kick in doors with ease etc. There are cannon mounted versions, and ret conned hybrids for other types of jobs. H/S don’t lock down their robots like Rothy did, they are open source in all aspects!

Q: If Alberto is the last of the Bertie heritage in the WWR story, does that mean there’s no chance for the previously mentioned Bertie MK4, Bertie Fatty MK6, FLAK Bertie, Bertie Hammerhead and Bertie +?
A: I never said he was last ? Did I? There are many Berties, but to be honest only you guys can make them happen by supporting the line. The large robots are a break even affair at the best of times! In a meta way you guys are the Earth and Mars factions buying the bots, and 3A is Rothchild or H/S selling them. Our fortunes rise and fall on you! Alberto is a H/S robot, not Bertie lineage etc.

Q: Do the Civic Berties or Dropcloth play the same role or do some of them carry specific kit for other purposes (some with gat, some with say a baton and shield)?
A: Their role is to crack the heads of anyone the Civic league believe is a threat to their plans for harmony. They all have different weaponry for different threat levels, but a Civic Bertie has been know to use a Gat on an overly loud dog that it considers is countering harmony etc..

Q: During the period that all TKs vanish, we figure that all the TQs are also gone. So, are there TQ EDOs? Girl bot with a big gun sounds pretty awesome.
A: TQ’s do vanish as well, though no EDO style bots have ever been seen. I think a TQ with a gatling gun would be great!

Q: What is going to be next Microman release?
A: String Divers for the region that didn’t get the initial release, which was region locked! Basically a transparent wave, you will see soon, about to drop the promo for them, the boxes are cool, agh you will see!!

Q: Would you be interested in designing War Machine from Iron Man?
A: I would, might get to it, but with so many in dev, and so many to do, and man, there are so many Iron Man toys around now, do we need one more? I mean I would rather have a Skrull, the Crimson Dynamo, hell I would rather have a Kingpin figure before another Iron Man toy! Next week Ash releases War Machine and 100 variants… :)

Q: Recently you mentioned that you had made a Hatchery Guard TQ already, any chance for a Bamba release of her?
A: The fan support would definitely be there for that drop. Sure, shouts to Siu, load up the HATCHERY TQ! Speaking of the fans, the TK/TQ fans have been so supportive over the years, to have been able to make so many and still have vibrant support is so unusual in this quickly in and out of favour world. I am a lucky fucker!

Q: The Strigoi is the best threeA fig I have gotten in long time, so good! Much like the first time I had a TK or Plume in hand it’s a instant classic. Feels like you really went out on a limb with this design and it worked out so well (hope that made sense), please push the expectations of what figure can be like this in coming year. Again well fuckin done! *claps* its so different compared to the rest of my collection and I am now even more excited for more Evenfall!
In the evidence book we see "parasite Vietnam longworm" ver  and it looks like a infected hume but stomach is all tentacles, be a cool fig... bendy tentacles, wire inside. Are there diff types of parasites/infections that will be figures as well? Looking forward to the totem thug bot, how about the 1/6 OG thug bot? Will that happen as well? How about a totem agent 1/6 figure? Agent Ash perhaps? Also can we a 2nd chance at the 0g thug kit next time there is a Evenfall order, put that up as well? Still plan on making 1/35 scale Strigoi's kits?
A: So glad you liked the Strigoi, I really thought it was a great toy, but alas the charms of a new line didn’t seem to work that well with his release, shit takes time. But at least you have a great toy that there are not many of. There will be a re-issue of the Strigoi at Bamba next month with the helmet, so I hope there is some support there! March will see the release of the THUG BOT. Then another alien and a TOTEM SWAT!

Q: Would you be interested in making The World of Isobelle Pascha figures, using chunkier/fatter body?
A: Yes, I love the chunky body, toy and life, but the initial Isobelle figures are all true to their form, but the World of Iso just isn’t them, ISOBELLE is a pillar of 3A and 2015 will see the line expand to different female and male characters! Our Frederator toys have a nice chunky feel, our love of the female form in all guises, don’t get me started!!!!!

Q: Ash will you please bring back the Nabler guys? If possible sell them as a complete set along with the single blind box sale?  I really love the first release design they are simple but completely awesome.  Oh and not to forget can you make them smile instead of frown, I would love the iconic smile Nabler guy.  Thank you for your time. 
A: I dig the Nabler guys, I think a new round of them is needed! I really enjoyed drawing the faces on them at shows, the all white ones, fun lil fuckers! Nabler Gal is needed too.. Glad some of you like them, felt a little alone in my like for the stranger toys...

Q: Hey Ash! Can you please tell us if there will be any Martian colorways with the new Bertie and Dropcloth run or any Martian colorways in 2015 in general?
A: Yes, yesssssss, YUP, absolutely !!!

Q: Do you have any confirmed pre-order plans Mega Zomb sale? Is it going to be one colorway or different singles and perhaps sets?
A: There will be a few, but it's huge, a big ass toy! As we like to have the toys ready to go, all molds are done now, he is a little delayed, but soon !

Q: Can you fill us in on why the Shosuke shipping box is labeled as Kensaku? Another Underverse TK to come along soon or some inside joke lost in translation?
A: I dunno, I didn’t make that box! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN.

Q: If threeA had the opportunity to make a swamp thing or man-thing 1/6 figure in your style which one would you make? The rubber skin used on either of those would be cool to cover joints.
A: Swamp Thing!

Q: Any interest or plans in working with George Miller and Warner Bros. on Mad Max: Fury Road figures? The newest trailer has created a lot of excitement for the film, and the overall Mad Max series has such a rich visual style, it feels like a good fit for 3A to me.
A: I wanted to, and asked, but I guess Georgy didn't want to or didn’t hear. Been great for an Australian to rock them though.. oh well.

Q: Are we gonna see a new Adventure Kartel JC? Maybe a Risen JC or Resurrected JC? Coming back to life and being even more bad ass? I’m just trying to get a new JC here!!!!!!
A: Every year must have a new JC, as the years pass JC gets frustrated, adds more tats and ups his carnage, the figure has to represent!

Q: Will a regular version of 10” Little Shadow be offered alone or only in a two-pack with Tommy. I’ve already got a Tommy, but not a 10” Shadow. Also - when she going up for sale?
A: Singles will be available, don’t wanna force you to ever buy the On the Run Tommy!

Q: Do you have any favorite colorways/fractions in WWR and what are they?
A: I like them all, fond of the pink ones, the bright colours etc, but then I always dig the dark too!

Q: I am thinking about Ankous here…anymore in the works? Panda Merc Ankou perhaps?
A: I have a Panda Ankou, Pandas everywhere !

Q: I know that you love music and really interested, what’s your song/band discovery of the last month? And speaking about music, what band you would choose for WWR main soundtrack?
A: Last month – I would say, not really a new discovery, but someone that really clicked was Ariel Pink. WWR, maybe Handel!a.