Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Welcome to latest Sunday Q&A session with Ashley Wood! You can find in this one questions about EVENFALL; WWR (Dirty Deeds Bertie V2 in particular); Popbot; Adventure Kartel; Steel Age; Spawn; 1/12th scale and 24" The World Of Isobelle Pascha and Tomorrow Kings figures and much more.

Here is how you can submit your interesting and original questions: by contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at WorldOf3A Facebook page wall or via WorldOf3A twitter and your question might get featured (as sadly we can't answer on each and every questions here) in one of future sessions. Thank to all for sending the questions and for your continuous interest!

Q: Could you please tell a bit more about updated 1/6th scale male bodies? Would love to see the engineering closer!  
A: Just a retooled mold, so much tighter in joints, etc. The older one had seen a lot of action, as some of you had noticed!

Q: Will we see the fabled life size bot head hand bags this year?
A: Yes, these projects just take a while, if I worked on just one thing, much quicker, but as I have many many hats, and many projects, things take a while, worth the wait though!

Q: Is there something more you can share about new EVENFALL alien figure? Really excited here!
A: It's a re-release of the first, different name and colour now with helmet as that seemed well received on the black version, after the T.H.U.G. BOT there is a new version of the alien to go with the TOTEM SWAT.

Q: Looking forward to see 2nd Dirty Deeds Bertie! This February right?

Q: I was wondering if we can get any hints as to what's coming this year from Adventure Kartel?
A: We have the new Little Shadow sale next week, with some friends, then it's the MEGA Zomb, then the FUCKING FUCKERS characters will get their release!

Q: Now that Gorillaz are reforming, PLEASE grab em and make us some groovy as fuck 1/6 scale figures? And vehicles!
A: I would rather do my own animated band and toys!

Q: Ash, what's the latest on your Spawn project with Todd? Do you have several characters lined up or does it all depend on how well Spawn does?
A: Working on Hellspawn, it's more a labor of love, just want to make the best Spawn toys, there is no rush, just a need to make an epic figure!

Q: Any upcoming figures planned for WBR past William Best and Squidicorn? Any pics, info or blurs of William Best you can tease us with?
A: 3AGO William Best very soon!

Q: Are sets of clothes, which you mentioned a while ago in the works for The World Of Isobelle Pascha figures? Or that’s for 24” Pascha now?
A: 24”.

Q: So, the Mortis Sweeper bot has sparked some excitement! How big (tall) will this figure be, comparable to a past release (human size, Dr. Doom size, Popbot, Mars, etc. . . )?
A: 12.5” tall, they hang with TK hunters.

Q: Hi Ash! I love the Pascha with the bangs hair style on your Instagram just few days ago! Can you please tell us is she upcoming Bambi? Thank you!
A: Yup that's Bambi on sale in March.

Q: Will you be coming to the Adelaide Oz Comic-Con or Supernova this year? Would love to meet you and talk about Action Portable!  
A: Um dunno, have not been invited….cue the violins!

Q: Last August in the Q&A, you said that "Mo Prostrate, 5 bros, new Popbot, (and) Andy are all in production". How is the progress coming with these, and can we expect some of them for 2015 release? The call for toy versions of mainstay Popbot characters is definitely on the rise these days. Are there any others currently in production?  
A: All are moving along, but when I’m the guy responsible for 90% of the output here, it's slow going, but that's better than me just having others design my stuff right, wouldn’t be authentic Ash shit!

Q: Recently a bot (Cavalry bramble) and TK (Deathmask) using skull logo similar with the pirate ship flag, makes me wonder, do Pirate TK exist in Popbot universe?
A: Nope, skulls just look cool, and have long been associated with fighting, war and death, soothing the TK and WWR all know very well!

Q: Do you have anything to share about TK Classics and your plans on reviving the line?
A: The retail ones on sale next week are TK classics, the initial run got side tracked by the Seven Bone ensemble !
Q: When's the next NOM sale and is it going to be the Astro NOM?
A: This year sometime, Astro NOM is a while off.

Q: Are there plans to make full Devil Bot and/or Soot Diver figures? Would love to get some 1/6 bodies attached to those severed heads!
A: Always plans.

Q: Love H&S Alberto, so good! Is there a WF version or because they work for Roth they have no need of H&S? Do H&S supply to factions now as well since Roth fled moon? Are H&S MOD?
A: HS are the main supplier of new robots for war, but the majority of the battlefield is still the Rothchild brand. WF is Rothchild's group, always have been, Rothy knew how shit would go down, and planned in advance!

Q: Can you tell us what is on your radar in 2015 for other characters like:
The Downside
The Gallow
Public Opinion
I would love to see some more baddies in the AK world!   
A: See the Fucking Fucker answer.

Q: Really curious here about retail Tomorrow Kings. So far you shared one, but mentioned that two are coming. Can we please see the second one?
A: 2 TK 2 TQ, will show this coming week!

Q: Are you guys going to NYTF this month or perhaps planning to have some toys on the display there?
A: Not really anything, we enjoyed our time at the show last year, but it was kinda apparent it's not our scene and the cost vs outcome doesn’t add up. NYC is the best part, I miss that!

Q: Yo, will Peppermint Grove buyers still get a crack at the promised Mortis bot head sale? What's a bot hunter without her severed-head throne to sit on!
A: Of course, not long, we have not forgotten this!

Q: Are all Tomorrow Kings generally positive characters or there are some batshit crazy and evil types among them?
A: Oh there are less than stellar TK, as the have been seen, many TK fall from the path, but that's ok, that's life! In fact many of the less than stellar TK are their best fighters and leaders!

Q: Hi Ash, I really like the Newel Medic bots in WWR. Will we ever see a surgical robot used out in the field to patch up VIPs or something like that. Maybe with lots of little arms for scalpels and syringes and little pincers... oh and guns, definitely some guns on there too.
A: Mmm most robots in the WWR are military , or industrial in nature, the delicacy of surgery is still carried out by the humes, etc. A field surgeon would be cool though!

Q: Do you have any plans for 1/12th scale Rothchild?
A: I would like to see everything in 1/12th, I’m the guy that pushes of this scale, just need a new way of selling, the price point puts many off, but the cost of making them is really high. I think most assume smaller means cheaper, not when you make them like us! If were selling 10000 of each, the price would be much lower, but we shall continue to think on it, the AK retail set did ok, that's an avenue we shall keep exploring!

Q: Any chance you'll make a figure of the Bear you've been drawing recently?
A: No chance.

Q: Have you thought about offering new severed feet/legs from Ashley Wood Collection?
A: Always, have a new LTD leg ready to sell soon, the clear one, and the tat leg.  

Q: Will we see all 7Bones in 1/12th or you will bring them to 3AGO scale eventually?
A: I imagine a box set one day, I really wish there was more support for the 1/12th scale, I would be making the stuff 24/7, but the main interest is 1/6th, where all the 1/12th fans at!

Q: We saw the 24" Isobelles, do you have a 24" TK prototype or will it depends of how well the Pascha sells? If you do, can you please share it with us?
A: If it was about sales, I would release a TK first, but I wanted a 24” Pascha , the idea of making really well tailored clothing and such was the appeal there. There will be 24” TK’s, this year, looking forward to them as well!

Q: Can you please show a wee tease of Steel Age Batman? Do you have a rough idea of when you hope to have this on Bamba?
A: Very soon, and then a monthly figure from my DC universe, spent some time developing a new body for them, can’t just use a normal 1/6th body on them etc.