Today is our 10th Q&A session with Ashley! We are really keeping it going and thanks to everyone who keeps sending their questions and hungry for more!  If you want a chance for your question to be featured in next one/ones, please send your interesting and original questions directly to ; use “Ask” thread at threeA forum or you can submit your questions via messages at our 3AVOX Facebook page

Q: For folks who missed out on WWR standard Brambles (the quintessential WWR robot) the first time round e.g. may not have started their 3A collection when they were released, might they ever be re-released?
A: I guess I could, might be fun!

Q: Why did you and threezero merge? And slightly another question, do you and Kim talk for hours each day of the week to push design/production and how not to get tired of each other? What interest you share besides making coolest toys?
A: ThreeA and Threezero didn’t merge, very different companies. We dont get ired of each as we have the same goal, going into our 6th year still feels exciting and challenging!

Q: What makes the Bertie SMRTgun so smart? I’ve noticed the little Bertie head on the tip of the barrel; does the gun have it’s own A.I. built into it? Are there any other A.I. assisted guns in WWR?
A: Yes, its basically a self aware gun, that tracks its marks, and assists the main bot in targeting.

Q: Who is the woman on Snowblind TK’s drawing? Does he in love with that woman or something?
A: Thats a secret! but it will all make sense one day!

Q: Will you ever consider doing Gorillaz figure, would be interesting to see your approach to them!
A: I like them as is, I don’t think anyone can offer a new valid take on them as they are very well defined and designed! Actually I’m sure Hewlett could, it just doesn’t feel or sound right for anyone else to play with them!

Q: I just received the Dark Side of her Moon Pascha (which came out amazing! by the way) and placing her next to some of my TK figures, it really stood out how much they tower over the boys. I know the male figures are gonna debut soon from Pacha-world so I was wondering if a new male body is going to be used for them. It seems like the men of Pacha would be considerably disproportionate to the ladies if they didn’t use more…erm, robust bodies.
A: I like the ladies tall, but we are going to start releasing our ladies in in a 10″ mode when apt! So I like em tall and not so tall!

Q: We got a lot of mean and lean looking grunts, did you ever thought about making some muscle bound freaks and or some fat slob of a monstrosity in terms of grunts/humans?
A: We do, and work on said bodies, but it takes a while to fully realize stuff, much to my horror, im a lets go now, have it in a week kinda guy, but I have learned that stuff takes a while and is better for it !

Q: Any chance we see a IRON PANDA/ ROGUE PANDA set or something of the sort? Would really be into knowing more of their history and there EVOLution in WWR.
A: Good ol Panda, one of the classic Corps, I think a set would be cool, does anyone want that ?

Q: What can you tell us of either Bastard or Hammersmith at this point ? Do they have history with Merde or each other? Any chance we see either of them in 2014?
A: Bastard is a bastard to all, from Merde to Tommy, he has been a dick for so long, he is only known as the Bastard, or to some The complete and UTTER BASATRD! 2014 will see many AK characters hinted at and not mentioned, its a fun world for me, I intend to push it even further into the crazy.. actually the upcoming MEGA ZOMB is pretty cool!

Q: As you requested more love for the Mighty Squares, can we see the blue and white FAT CLOUD data tower as a mighty square?
A: This fresh new design deserves this size! I totally agree, I might offer a large range made to order, I will in fact soon!

Q: Will Evenfall have factions with different colorways like WWR? Does humanity have different defense/attack forces with different colors?
A: Well there is TOTEM – keeping Earth safe, and the adversaries trying to do their thing, not really factions per se!

Q: Will the production ver of the Srigoi astronaut include the name of the astronaut on there suit? Be cool if so and they were random much like the name decals on the Lunar Armstrongs! Maybe even some sort of 1:1 patch to go with it?
A: Maybe, will see how they look.

Q: November’s nearing an end…is gorgeous Peppermint Grove still slated for this month?
A: She will pop up soon!

Q: You said that you have a lot plans for Martians and War Nurse Jessica is happening in WWR EVOL chapter too. Maybe you can share something more with us? Can’t wait for Martians and fire is burning for Jessica!
A: She looks good!

Q: Have you ever thought of the possibility of making the “masks” and “helmets” of the WWR NOM COMMANDERS or GRUNT the 1/1 scale, it would be really amazing don’t you think? And I got to be fair with you, we all WOULD REALLY love to buy those 1:1 AK heads too!
A: I think about such things, maybe we can try, we will release some 1:1 heads for AK!

Q: Can we get some more intel on the 13 Shitheels the Blind Cowboy hunts?
A: Well yes, you can buy them as well, well in 2014!

Q: I enjoy reading comics on the retina ipad, and was wondering how do you feel about digital comics?  ZvR is available on Comixology, but will you (or IDW) ever release Popbot?  Physical copies are hard to come by, so a digital version might hold people over until a reprint comes along.
A: I dont want to yet, when its done yes!

Q: To mark EVENFALL ONE release (again congratulations!), I have lots of questions and I hope you will answer on them. Do the Strigoi run? Shuffle? Like are they fast and aggressive or slow and night of the living dead zombie like? Can the parasite that infected humans turning them into Strigoi infect other animals? How does a T.H.U.G suit kill a Strigoi? Do they have a weakness? Will we see other versions of the Strigoi from different environments, like a earth type? Is there anything you can tell us about the T.O.T.E.M. organization/group?
A: You will have to wait and read the upcoming booklets and ads, all will be revealed. The Strigoi are very quick and strong when needed, but like to lope around when not attacking! The Strigoi come in many variations, the heads are always different, depending on the source. The upcoming Security Guard Strigoi will have the different head etc. You will see, its all very cool!

Q: How tall is 1/6th scale T.O.T.E.M suit and is there still a plan to have a 1/6th scale human pilot inside it? At ACG there was a prototype on the display and it doesn’t looked big enough to fit 1/6th scale human and give him some comfort at the battlefield (I assume they spend a lot of time in those mechs).
A: Yup it fits a human, you will see, its a nifty toy!

Q: Where on earth do you keep all the toy prototypes you have? There must be well over 1000 at this point. Do you have a full basement? A barn behind the house? A rented storage unit? My garage I know is bulging at the seams with the boxes alone.
A: I have them in my studio, my home and my secret warehouse. I hope one day to show it all, a giant 3A exhibition, but I think we have many years of producing toys to gain that kinda of interest!