I noticed few questions going around about KUMA PASCHA, which are currently chose Bambalandstore as their habitat.

There are KUMA ATTACK PASCHA (blind box singles and 3-pack) and Pony-Tail version (blind box singles and 3AA exclusive 3-pack) offered at Bamba. If you compare KUMA PASCHA Pony-Tail 3AA exclusive 3-pack and KUMA ATTACK PASCHA 3-pack, the difference between them is the pony-tail.

There is a nice tradition with The Adventures of Isobelle Pascha releases, that figures are randomly coming with open or closed eyes, KUMA ATTACK PASCHA and Pony-Tail isn't the exception.

And lastly, there is a nice feature: ponytail itself can be detached to put the bear gear on!

Have a nice Friday everyone!