Wanted to take my time and wish Happy Turkey Day to all our Legionnaires in United States, hope you had a good one!

Now to shipping updates and whatnot, next week we will start shipping out following 3A releases your way:

  • Adventure Kartel Golden Dolphin
  • WWRp (1/12th scale) NW&DW Dropcloths
  • WWRp (1/12th scale) Dropcloth Superset

If things will go according to the plan, we have a very BUSY schedule in December and lots of stuff shipping your way. Will share the updates, once I have the final confirmation in hand.

Recently shipped out figures and releases:

  • WWRp Pinky Bertie MK3.5 (normal and damaged version)
  • Adventure Kartel Action Portable The Civil Offensive Ankou-EX 3 pack
  • Adventure Kartel Action Portable Ankou-EX Fat Drown
  • Adventure Kartel Cold Merde

If you want to request tracking number or have any questions about your orders, please never hesitate to contact our Customer Service professionals at , we will be delighted to help you! If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or engage with our official 3AVOX Facebook page