Big Week for us

Not only do we get to offer IRON MAN this Thursday 13th, which is like a crazy childhood dream, I think I mentioned before that I lived next door to a kid who had a Mego 8" Iron Man and would taunt me though his bedroom window with it, fucker was good at drawing too. Well I get to release my own version of IRON MAN, and I draw good too, so fuck you neighbor kid :)

Also I get to goto NYC-TF with the 3A crew this week and show our stuffs at the fair, I have no real idea of what to expect, never have I been to such a fair, but im looking forward to seeing toys from companies I enjoy and getting  a chance to show our toys to an audience that will have probably have never heard of us! As some of you know we have some give away stuff at the fair, Im hoping some nifty 3A fans figure out a way to infiltrate and swing by our booth for some free toys! Maybe hunt field agent Gregory down and get a drop point arranged in a seedy back alley!

Also, without you guys we would be going nowhere and showing nothing, this is never forgotten or taken for granted!

**OH YEA I know there are some uber toy hunters out there, well I need help, I have searched for a carded LOBROS for years, so If anyone knows of where the bugger is hanging out, drop me a line!