Single MOONBASE OMEGA ASTRONAUT STRIGOI costs 160USD and 2-Pack, which consists of the regular figure and the shredded suit figure, costs 310USD.

Pre-Order starts on November 21st, at 9:00AM Hong Kong time at Bambalandstore

We been asked a lot about articulation on MOONBASE OMEGA ASTRONAUT STRIGOI from our entirely new – EVENFALL line. So here is detailed description of planned articulation on the final production figure, as detailed and simple, as possible:

  • Head – One Ball Joint
  • Neck – One Ball Joint
  • Shoulder – Ball Joint and Crutch Joint
  • Upper arm – Crutch Joint
  • Middle arm – Crutch Joint
  • Wrist – Ball Joint
  • Each hand – 14 Pin Joints
  • Chest – Ball Joint
  • Pelvis – Crutch Joint and Ball Joint
  • Knee – Crutch Joint
  • Ankle – Ball Joint

As you can see, for a figure with such unusual proportions, it has a very fair amount of articulation and can pull some pretty interesting and creepy poses!