The weekly 3A VOX newsletter will be returning soon, as we get close to 2015 we want to be able share all the changes that next year will bring for 3A, we have spent much time looking into making the 3A experience better and more exciting for you guys, and those changes will be implemented in early 2015. Also with so many outlets for info we want to make sure that there a 100% verified news outlet, VOX is it!

We know the shipping times are not up to scratch, and we have plans to make them much less an issue  and make sure you guys get a great toy in a better than timely matter.

So yea, expect a 3A VOX soon, and as it goes on we shall impart the 3A of 2015 plans and other cool stuff.

You guys give such great support, and have patience beyond the call of duty its never lost in us!