Shipping Update

Due to factory delays, some items are shipping later than originally anticipated. We'll have an updated estimated shipping schedule for May soon.

WWR Evol | Battlechild Set has been delayed until Late May/Early June due to production of the comic included. 

HALO | Spartans and HALO | Master Chief will be shipping in July due to a production error which was caught and is currently being fixed.

We apologize for the unforeseen delays and any inconvenience they may have caused. 

Shipping Now:
3AGO | Series One
WWR | Mighty Squares
Team Fortress 2 | Ghost of Zepheniah Mann 

Shipping this Week:
World of Meta-Popbot | Bo-TQ Premades
World of Meta-Popbot | K1971 Premades
String Divers | Retail Assortment 
WBR Remus | Retail 

Shipping this Month:
3AA Membership Pack
WBR Mars | Bambaland Orders
WBR Romulus | Bambaland Orders
Tomorrow Kings | Heavy Duty Slicer TK Singles 

Shipping Late May/Early June:
WWR | Evol | Battlechild Set

*Note this is an incomplete listing. Will have further updates later this month

If you'd like to request tracking or have any questions or concerns, please contact