3AA 2014...

I want to apologize for the lateness of the 3AA 2014 set , to be really honest we followed a path for the skinning that didn't turn out to be satisfactory so we had to change direction mid course and rework the technology. This had a knock on effect that pushed the set to a September release, which I know is pretty shit and way off course. The final pack is the best yet and we are all super proud of it, just not the tardiness and lack of info regarding its delay. When your in the trenches with this stuff, the months go by very quick and easy things like updates can go astray! Actually this goes across the board for all late toys, we are looking to give updated info from this point on the status of all toys!

We absolutely know the greatest asset we have is our fans and supporters, we have spoken at length how we can make the process of being a 3A supporter easier and put a stop to long waits and the like. 2015 will see these changes put in place. We are still finalizing the new way, a balance that will see 24 hour shipping times for some toys and guaranteed short shipping dates for pre-order for others.

We at 3A believe not to continue doing or following what is considered the norm or the simple way, we want to explore new ways to deliver great toys in a short time frame and make sure collecting our toys is exciting, fun and maybe a little dangerous too!

Oh, to say show our gratitude for waiting we are going to give every 3AA 2014 member a Lasstranaut cloth patch, its rather nifty and we hope it takes the edge off!