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3AA marks a new year for 3A, each year continues our evolving path, becoming something I never thought possible!

What started off basically being me and Kim has grown into a wonderful town of super talented people that all work together to make what I truly believe is a special toy company! Kim and I get much of the attention, but in reality the skills and dedication of Siu, Brent, Greg, Rick, Jacky, Eddy, Curtis, Gimby, Cody, Candy, Eric and many many more make it happen as well! Likewise our supporters, the fans that hang in there through our mis-steps and bungles, the fans that support our original IP, your faith and energy is a big and special part of this ride, this is truly a privilege and is never forgotten!

I can honestly say that 2016 to me is our strongest year we have planned, from new artists and their lines, refreshing of core IP to just plain silly stuff, 3A is heading into what I see as a record label period, showcasing different voices and approaches and I couldn’t be happier!

Supporters in 2016 can look forward to the expansion of WWR, exploring new takes on G1 Transformers, the return of 1/6th editions of iconic 2000AD characters, collaborations with artists like Paul PopeAmanda Visell, and Casey Weldon. Cap and Spidey are coming up soon with even more Marvel to follow. Steel Age's world of DC Heroes and Villains will expand. Lots planned, lots to do, and much much more.

Thanks chaps for everything, everything changes but me!


24Hour Sale

3AA 2016 Membership

Membership includes

  • Von De Plume  

    World War Robot
    1/6th Scale Collectible Figure  

    Designed by Ashley Wood

  • 15% Discount Applied To All Orders Throughout 2016
  • Access to 3AA Exclusives
  • Membership Card x 1
  • ThreeA 2016 Catalog x 1
  • Double-Sided Paper Sleeve Poster x1
  • Sticker Pack

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USD $180
Price Includes Worldwide Shipping by Courier
* Design and Color may vary on final product

3AAGregory Prout
3AA 2016 - Von De Plume

3AA 2016 Membership

Von De Plume - World War Robot
12-Inch - 1/6th Scale Fully Articulated Figure
Designed by Ashley Wood

Poster Tube Style Packaging Also Includes:

  • Membership Card x1
  • ThreeA 2016 Catalog x1
  • Double-Sided Paper Sleeve Poster x1
  • Sticker Pack

15% Discount Applied To All Orders Throughout 2016.
Discount Starts in 14 Days OR Before Next Bambaland Sale.

3AA 2016 Sale Begins on Jan 15th, 2016 at 9am HK Time.
24-Hour Sale.

Contains Small Parts, For 15 Years+
Membership Price Includes WORLDWIDE Shipping Via Courier.
3AA 2016 Membership Set Shipping by June 2016.

*Colors and Design May Vary On Final Product.  |

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3AA 2015 membeship box set

Below is all the info about 3AA 2015 Membership Box Set, from 3AA 2015 special VOX newsletter.

In the upper right corner, you can find the countdown to 3AA 2015 Membership sign-up at Bambalandstore.

3AA 2015 Membership - $190 USD

This Year's Set Includes:

  • 2 X 3AGO N.O.M Commanders
  • 1 x 3AGO Command Guard Bertie Mk2 - Exclusive To This Set Only
  • 1 x JJ McGee Thingy on a Thingy Stand
  • 1 x 3AA 2015 Black T-Shirt (choice of XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL)
  • 1 x N.O.M Commanders print signed by Ashley Wood, I mean really :)
  • 1 x 3AA 2015 Membership Card with Strap Thing
  • 15% Discount at Bambaland Online Store Throughout 2015
  • Access to 3AA Exclusives or 3AA Variants
  • Returning 3AA vets (Anyone Resigning From Last Year) Receive An Exclusive 3AGO TK Head !
  • All In A Great Box, It's Where JJ Like To Be!
  • Ships on May 17th - Naturally the 15% Discount Comes Into Effect Straight Away!
  • Free International Shipping


  • On Sale - January 15th, 2015 at 9:00am HK Time
  • 24 Hour Sale Window Only
  • Available For Purchase At Bambaland Store

*Design and color may change on final shipping version

Soot Panda 3AA

Description from Bambalandstore:
"Adventure Kartel SOOT PANDA 3AA
Soot Panda Wu! He is all black and comes with a brand new GUN, whoa! The ink virus has spread to China! Also comes with a poster!"

Price prior to 3AA discount: 140USD shipped


3AA 2014 activated

We activated online privileges for 3AA 2014 members.

Returning members already know the drill and new members, you need to login first in order to see your 3AA panel on the top left and special prices. If after login procedure, you can't see 3AA section and price for the current items isn't shown with the discount, please contact us at and we will help.

Thank you for your support and for joining 3AA!



It's so cool to know that I'm not the only one who digs a space girl with no pants ! 3AA 2014 is a great success! Thanks to all who backed us for 2014, and all the other years, 2014 will be a year of variety and choice, we have fun stuff lined up, cant wait to share it all.

on that note hopefully the Microman sale will be kicked into gear in Feb, I still remember my mum calling me into watch a news segment on Star Wars, she pointed out it must be a film about Micronauts as the clip featured C3PO and she assumed it was a time traveler, metallic head etc. I knew then it was different, but the idea of a film like Star Wars combined with my collecting a favorite toy at the time changed the gears in my head. I collected Micronauts/Microman, I collected Star Wars figures, setting them all up together to try and make photographs that gave the impression it was a real scene, a film scene etc, nothing new there, many kids did it, but fuck It felt pretty cool!... So yea, im rambling but I guess that's the inspiration behind wanting to do a line of my own Microman based on the classic Microman stuff. Yup, I feel pretty lucky!

anyway, 3A 2014 sale is over, time to get cracking!



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