WWRp Dropcloth pre-order info

Decided to talk a bit about upcoming WWRp Dropcloth set pre-order. Pre-order starts on June 15th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at www.bambalandstore.com , the set costs 230USD shipped worldwide and consists of 9 Dropcloths and some surprises, which Ashley briefly mentioned in this post.

Here is the set layout:

  • EMGY,
  • Peaceday,
  • Snowballer,
  • Zhivago,
  • Slim Red,
  • Iron Panda Shock Trooper,
  • Deimos Liberator,
  • JEA,
  • Monty.

There will be a special and limited appearance of WWRp NW&DW Dropcloths, old school style.

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