Bumblebee Event in Shanghai!

3A along with Prime1 and BBICN are participating in an exhibition celebrating the release of the new Bumblebee film! The show is taking place at the POPC Shanghai (上海市闵行区闵虹路8号中庚漫游城一楼中庭)* and will be on display until Feb 28th, 2019!

3A is proudly displaying an assortment of our Transformers Premium Scale, G1, and the recently debuted DLX Scale Bumblebee!

The Bumblebee film opens this weekend in China! We loved the movie and all the new TF designs in it. We cannot wait to show off the next releases coming soon in DLX and Premium Scale!

BBICN have graciously provided some images from the exhibition!

Gregory Prout