A message from Kim

First off, I’d like to apologize to the fans online and to Ash regarding the recent interview taken place at the Beijing Toy Show. In hindsight, I should have been more careful with my answers, as it was not my intention to cause any upset. It is easy to forget that these conversations, when released online, can be easily misconstrued and mistranslated. The tone and context of my answers in the interview were spoken in jest and truly not meant to be taken so seriously. The context has unfortunately already been blown out of proportion. 

Ash and I have been friends and business partners for over 10 years and we treat each other as brothers do, we like to poke and pick on each other, and we can do this because we trust each other and know that we always have each other’s back. The truth is Ash has not lost his passion for making art or toys and especially not for WWR or Popbot as he has endless amounts of ideas. The actuality is we are unable to make all of them happen.  

This comes down to several things – primarily financial and market forces. If the sales numbers aren’t there, I often have to make the tough decision to change the schedules and delay or cancel the line. We would have loved to have made many toys that were in the planning and even prototype stages, but the reality is costs of production have risen significantly over the years and the current market is unpredictable. 

Ash and I talk daily about these same topics and yes, it is true releases have slowed down and many announced figures have not yet been seen, of that we are sorry. It is not to deceive or mislead our supportive and passionate fans, it is only that the team in Hong Kong often need more time for development and production. Ash and I will continue to put out truly great figures for years to come. Thank you for your understanding! 


Gregory Prout