I think most people know I love the MEGO 8" figures of old, something about the size and fun of them has never left me cold! So I figure if I have the setup in place to make my own, why not!

Im going to set about building a collection of 8" characters, mostly of my own design but a few surprizes from outside my own stuff as well. I was using the TK as the platform to develop the line and was not going to actually offer them, but I figured as we have them mostly done etc. ( we will have a bunch of  3ALPHAGO TKs at NYTF, sneak in and grab some, they are not final and have issues but kinda cool to have im guessing! )

Soon as I can offer a cool line up to start they will be on Bamba, I dont want to release just one etc, need to launch with a bunch to choose, more like they did back in the day!

3AGOashley wood