I want to welcome you to ninth Q&A session with Ashley. Sorry for not doing it on our regular Sunday time, but hey, we did it anyway and it’s A LARGE ONE! I want to THANK everyone, who keeps asking questions and supporting these sessions! If you want a chance for your question to be featured in next one/ones, please send your interesting and original questions directly to ; use “Ask” thread at 3A forum or you can submit your questions via messages at our 3AVOX Facebook page

Q: Are there any plans of 3A Publishing to re-print a series of books about Isobelle Pascha?

A: Yes!

Q: Did you ever think about releasing some more Mighty Squares? Will we be seeing the Mighty Squares with mounted turrets anytime soon?

A: To be honest, I didn’t think you guys wanted more, I love the fucker, great for posing figs, looks funny, had leg flaps! Maybe ill do a XXXMAS one, see if you guys love ol MIGHTY!

Q: Are there multiple sculpts for EVENFALL Strigoi Astronaut and can you please tell us the price?

A: For the Astronaut version, there is only the one head sculpt etc , as thats how they look, there will more types down the line, and they will have different heads and hands etc. They will cost 160usd each.

Q: When we might get to see a Future Mort? Is there a chance to see that happen before 2014?

A: Yup, he and the Dead Astro are related so I want to have him appear!

Q: I have lots of questions about 7Bones, huge fan of them! How did Punk King selected his personal guards? What is so special about the 7Bones rouges to be chosen by The Forth. Which rank of TKs does these 7bones belong to, can you please tell us more about them? Was the blue colorway for 7bones intentional choice and why blue?

A: The Punk king was assigned them by Luthor Bean JR. They are considered 7 of the best in their individual skills, so its natural they were given the task of guarding the King. As mentioned, they all know the day they die and how, so they fight without fear, they know their part in the history!

Q: Are there going to be some new 1/6 Caesar bots in WWR EVOL?

A: Caesar, well they have kinda gone rogue…. You can say it was their destiny to, not unexpected!

Q: Can we maybe get a little I do on these Xmas BEER girls you mentioned in the last Q&A?

A: Are they going to be anything like the XXXmas TQ’s? It will be a surprise, why mess that up!

Q: Were the Strigoi vampires human, then transformed into these creatures because of the parasites, or are they an alien being? How is it that the astronaut suits are designed to fit the elongated Strigoi bodies, and not human proportions?

A: Well there are two answers to this, The suits are super stretchy made from a hitech substrate that conforms to most in not any body type, a true one size fits all if you will! Second version, the shredded version accommodates the idea the suit ripped and got shredded as the body changed shape, so Im offering the solid suit or the shredded suit to cover all bases as I like them both!

Q: What is the story  behind  the G.I.D Oppenheimer Zomb. Is he one zomb or one of many Oppenheimer Zombs? Is he good at chemistry or an experiment which went wrong?

A: He is an early Zomb that basically got messed up by ZOMB MD and his early RAD experiments. He doesn’t work for ZOMB MD, nor is he a friend of the AK. Due to be an early version, he has a little more self control than the everyday Boiler Zomb.

Q: You mentioned that we should let you know , remind you , prod CS etc for stuff to keep it in mind, and with reference to your reply to the AP Ankou sale and since we have seen protos of AP Tommy and Little Shadow, can we have them for sale soon? Nice lil 3 pack maybe?

A: We shall have some news for 1/12th AK!

Q: Will the Lasstranaut figure come with the cute little whistling star or any other accessories?

A: The Criminal Star supplies the power need by Lasstranaut to do her work, the star is small in size but FUCKING HUGE IN THE POWER STAKES! So yea, I assume he will pop along for the ride!

Q: Since we have many AK universe monsters and supernatural figures such as witches, mummies and the eventual Dracula, will we ever get a AK Frankenstein style Zomb or something along those lines ?

A: Well, I have A Dracula style figure coming soon for another line, AK doesnt have vampires in that tradition, I think the idea of  ZOMBENSTEIN© is to funny not too! It has a name now, so it has to happen!

Q: Are we still going to see the 1/12th MK1 Square pack (avoiding re-release of the same Squares of course) and if yes: will there be newer colorways in there too?

A: We will, but for the time being the schedule is really full up!

Q: Are we going to see TKLUB Tomorrow Kings in Action Portable scale? If yes, how they will be sold?

A: I think variations/versions will be released , but The TKLUB characters are exclusive for that line.

Q: Which WWRp Bertie MK 3.5 might be next? We seriously need more!

A: I agree! I want a 1/6th one too!

Q: Does threeA plan on releasing more hoodies, or perhaps some more 1:1 scale versions of any 3A character clothing in the future?

A: I think weekly about releasing the TK shirts we have done over the years, then the work wave hits, and its another week till I have the thought again, thats why this Q and A is so great, it also reminds me of stuff. I have always imagined them box, with 3 or so shirts in each illustrated box!

Q: Could we see Hot Foot’s flamethrower (or any flamethrower) in the hands of 1/6 size robots?

A: Maybe a new design of Flame thrower, a flamer Bertie etc.

Q: With the Marvel reveals does Wolverine happen to he on the horizon?

A: I can hear a mumbled BUB somewhere ???

Q: Is the special signed print for Pudding Boss contest participants still in the works?

A: Yup.

Q: Out of the Marvel figures you are working on right now, you have listed Spidey is one of the least metallic. Are we going to see a 3A cloth suit or the whole thing being vinyl? Have you given thoughts to the variants? Regular suit and black suit are obvious, but please give some thought to (In my opinion) one of the best spider suits the original Scarlet Spider outfit with the blue hoody.

A: Um cant really say, you will see, a little different from the traditional story, but still very familiar.

Q: At this point we have seen a Zombkin the past 3 Halloweens. Have you given thought as to making him the permanent Halloween drop? Even if he is a secret drop like this year it would be amazing to keep seeing variants of him. Even love to see some 1/12 scales of the Charkin and Ghostkin to hang out with the 1/12 Zombkin.

A: Well the Story of Zombkin and Hotfoot will continue, as I like Zombkin greatly, I shall push it in new directions, maybe a reforming of his band etc.

Q: How would you describe H&D and Roth if they were car companies. Would Roth be like Ford and H&D BMW?

A: Roth is more like the Tesla car co, H&D are more like Jaguar…

Q: Is there any chance of ever producing t-shirts in typical ‘girly sizes’ as well as the regular sizes?

A: Well we would, but the cost of inventory could add up and cost us dearly, we have a tight bottom line at 3A and need to be careful. Maybe we can maybe 20 or so for each shirt for the next couple and see if indeed there is any after the ends interest etc.

Q: Will the WWRp line up ever see Bot Sniper release?

A: If you guys support the line YES, its a simple case of demand, we cant continue any line without you guys getting behind it, sounds a bit trite, but its the reality of the situations for any line, and toy from any company. I have always said, I want to see all my characters available in all sizes, nothing has changed!

Q: My question is for the future of the Marvel line and I understand if you’re not aloud to answer due to it being down to license but would the Marvel line ever be considered to be made in 1/12th? or even part of the 3AGO line?

A: Not at the moment, Im only interested in the 1/6th size, I cant see that changing as the work and abilities of these toys require the 1/6th size to fulfill my brief. 3AGo is close to launching, as I have mentioned its 3A’s 8″ MEGO format line, totally done for the fun of it, the first releases are some old buddies from the early TK line, but I intend to do many 8″ versions from all over the spectrum, I would love to make some super heroes figs based on Image Comics lines, maybe some of that Joe Casey stuff etc. Bottom line it will be fun and diverse. Imagine, you can hunt down older 8″ playsets and use them, or have a TK fucking up a Planet of the Apes Soldier Ape by Mego…

Q: I have a few questions about Ronin TKs, really interested in them.  Is there any relation between Sun, Moon and Snowblind? Did they all know each other at some point? How are their skills compared to that of a regular TK? Or even an Oyabun?

A: They are related indeed, Well Sun and Moon run together, Moon operates after sundown, Sun during the day, they share their spoils. Snowblind is a bit more esoteric, one minute he will save a cat in a tree, the next level an apparently average town killing all the inhabitants without remorse.

Q: Ash, do you ever go back to some of your very early sketches and think about a revisiting? A superb drawing in Leggerboot Volume one of Iron Shoe – looks like a bot gumshoe detective maybe? Be cool to have a range by 3A of just some of the various characters that might not be affiliated with AK, WWR, Pop and other existing lines.

A: I never revisit anything I have done really book wize, I had forgotten about Leggerboot, now I remember having to sign and draw on so many…gah!  I do have ideas that bubble away and make their wat to the top. But saying that, ill go look at some old stuff and see whats what!

Q: Does Nom/Noir become a Fallen de plume? What does the Supreme think of the Fallen Plumes? Who would win in a fight between a Nom disciple and a Fallen Plume? Will we see a Jung Hunter Nom disciple?

A: Surpreme NOM want them all dead, flayed like eels in front of her! Noir isnt fallen, FALLEN is a very different way of thinking from the NOM, Noir is more a independent NOM member, still follows the Supreme NOM, but in his own way.

Q: I remember there was a mention of BOT FACTORY, some good time ago. Could there ever be a threeA Customizer sale? Sell odds and ends, maybe some factory seconds,some DIY pieces – shit laying round?

A: Oh we got some news soon, back int the day I dont think we had the set up to do it, Im hoping to give budding Rothchilds a avenue to make shit, it wont be cheap, it wont be for everyone, but it will be good, NOPE, GREAT!

Q: Will we see African Defense colorway ever used again and hopefully on Bertie MK2 in 1/6th scale, missing that colorway a lot!

A: Me too, need to rev that emo up again ( cmon, remember the decal emo, shit, a decal can make people get so pissy, but they dont give a fuck about single mums  doing it hard, or child abuse, weird aint it! ), Germany plays a great role in the WWR story, they are one of the good guys!

Q: When can we expect the next 7 bones?

A: Can’t wait to collect ‘em all! I wanna do a TQ, I miss those tight ass suits!

Q: WWR Harolds are really taking their time in the production and could we see photos of all 15 colorways please? Would be great if you could show them to us all on the blog, would feed our hunger and anticipation for them for a bit.

A: They are ready, ill grab some shots soon, my house has a fort of boxes. Thanks to the peeps that ordered a Harold, you nearly have some heavy ordinance !

Q: I have a questions about LASSTRANAUT: it’s my most anticipated figure, and coming in the membership pack, I know I will be getting one. Will there just be one version/color way in the packs or there will be more variants released during the year?

A: No, only one Lasstranut is needed, I only do colorways when I can make it work in my head, there is only one LASS, she is a unique force of nature.

Q: How expensive are the Moleskines you recently showed on the blog? I would love to buy one…maybe do a timed release to test the waters? Or perhaps a timed release of a simple two-three color silkscreen print, that would then be printed to order?

A: I think they cost me like 40 bucks each, plus shipping, I would offer if they had a system like lulu or sumin where you could just buy them etc. The longer i have them, the more I like them!

Ashley Woodgimbat