Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Our Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood are back and below you can find answers on a good numbers of questions, which was on your mind lately, lots of amazing news and bits of info there!

Here is how you can submit your interesting and original questions: by contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at WorldOf3A Facebook page wall or via WorldOf3A twitter and your question might get featured (as sadly we can't answer on each and every questions here) in one of future sessions. Thank you for keep sending your questions and for your continuous interest in seeing these Q&A on the blog again!

Q: Do you have your eyes set on next WWRp or AP release? And if yes, that what it might be?
A: The idea is to release small sets, two and some diorama, say a dropcloth and Harold or Bramble etc. Also want to ret con the bots, change stuff up where possible!

Q: Will we see the return of Blind Cowboy and his horse? Such an amazing characters and I have been always a big fan of spaghetti westerns and westerns in general.
A: Well the next releases are the outlaws, the guys on the Sock puppets hit list, they have the western tinge!

Q: I'm not sure, are the Finger Gang regular bots or Zombots?  I'd really like to see a new version of Zomb MD's Zombot in the near future. Are there any plans for new Zombots? Perhaps we'll see a Mega Zombot chase with the Mega Zomb sale? Speaking of the Mega Zomb sale, how's that coming along?
A: Mega Zomb is really close, its massive, the kinda scale as the Ankou EX, and yea I want to do a new zombot, the larger head etc, but with tweaks, still one of my fav releases!

Q: With the Adventure Kartel book’s release looming I was wondering if you could give us a teaser of the direction AK is going. You mentioned a new arc dealing with Tommy on the run, but are there any other details of any new stories we are going to get soon.
A: Well the panda sale was the prelude to the FUCKING FAMILY COUP arc, where Tommy is on the run with Little Shadow being hunted by the Dead Astro etc. This story will introduce a bodyguard bot that Mr Shadow send along with them, while the do their emo run.  Dead Astro enlists the aid of the Golden Dolphin for his hunt, which leads to a new version of him. A lot of AK is cooking, always one of the great joys of 3A for me is AK!

Q: Will we see variation of Stealth EVENFALL figure on Bambalandstore?
A: Maybe, the first Evenfall release had a limited response on Bamba so the idea is to get it out via other channels, the Strigoi should be in your hands soon who ordered, its a great figure and we have new versions coming soon too!

Q: Anything you can share about 6th TK, which is mentioned on your art for China International Comics Festival event?
A: Well its the 6th year of 3A, and the TK is a pillar figure for me so why not celebrate that! They hark back to the original TK release! There will be a 6th TK for the BBICN event, one for Taiwan and one for bamba.

Q: Will we be seeing anymore Krab Labs releases?  Do they exclusively loan out Evol Squares?  Any other bots in their repertoire?  
A: They have a few, its a ROTHCHILD company, they are the field testers etc
Q: This is more of a possible request or idea for Ash. I know he loves Letraset rub down dry transfer for use with his drawings. When I was a kid in the 70s I use to love getting Letraset Action Transfers aka Presto Magix, i'm wondering if he or 3A has contacts with any company that can create threeA dry transfer of the 3A Universe.
AK line would be interesting because the term "The Adventure Continues With You..." we could make our own action art. Would be cool if we got in a 3A figure with a Ashley Wood mini scene layout and dry transfers of AK characters to rub onto the scene backdrop or anything really.
This could include the other lines, WWR, ISO, WBR, etc. Just like including a poster or catalog certain product lines could have them.
A: Show me where I can get it made, i had a Star Wars kit like this, a mos eisley scene etc.. loved it!

Q: Do you have plans for another AKLUB chapter and can you please share who we might see next?
A: Im not sure, I have not heard much in feedback whether its enjoyed or not, and with our new system thats gonna come in action in the new year it might not fit in. But who knows, im sure ill come up with something!

Q: Any news you can share on DONKER/Die Antwoord figures?
A: They are coming, want to get right , not rush them etc.. I think people will enjoy them!

Q: Would be so great to see MS Shadow teaser or hear something about her (who she is; what she likes; who she hates and wants to kill, and etc.)
A: Well she has been seen over the years, had a figure two years ago, just never worked for me, using out chunky giant female body, not long and the AKLUB members that can join in will hear from us!

Q: I’ve got a question about the Atrocity Exhibition set, does Tommy really get turned into a Zomb in the AK storyline? If it is part of the story, when does it happen and how does Tommy get turned back into a human? If he can be turn back...and if he can't be is he under Zomb MD's control?
A: Well I give you a little insight into our Tommy, he has never been alive, so being a zombie isnt a far stretch and the MD SERUM wore off..  

Q: Will we see female figs from the Marvel line? Really hoping for Rogue and Jean Grey!
A: First up will be Black Widow, also have Madam Hydra and Spider Woman in the works. Speaking of Marvel, Doom will up for grabs next month and shipping this year! Which reminds you should have your Ironman soon, the boxes were just approved!

Q: Was there any truth to the notion that Iron Pandas went Martian sympathizers?
A: They become Martian supporters as their place of origin leaves the earth coalition , , this breaks down to what is really  WORLD WAR OF ROBOTS.  Good ol panda’s!

Q: Does Zomb MD controls the nurses with the cords/hoses or how he manipulates them?
A: He controls all the Zomb, those hoses are their feeding tubes, he wanted to keep their mouths pretty.

Q: AK Dead Astronaut Gangsta is so awesome and one of mine most favorite 3A figures, would you consider making another colorway?
A: No more planned, really happy to have got the ones out I did!

Q: We've just seen clear plastic used on the CyborgPascha and its a really distinct look, is this going to be used for other figures and does it have any limitations i.e. could we see WWRp bots in clear?
A: The clear works really well where it works, Im not sure transparent bots would look cool.. maybe oneday but not on the cards.

Q: Saw photos of World Best Robots Mars, Remus and Romulus at WonderFest and they are just brilliant! Can you please share something about each colorway/character? Do they have different purpose/enemies or belong to some fraction?
A: Well they all belong to WBR the group that send them to take care of shit on earth,  There is MARS the main one, and Romulus and Remus the back up! The white and dark one are again my homage to Baron Karza and Force Commander from micronauts via their color. We are going to offer them very soon, early september!  Also hope to offer SQUIDICORN ( the scourge of Mars ) soon too.

Q: Do you have any VALVe project/figures news which you can share with us?
A: We are working on DOG from HL, an updated version! that will come in a two pack with Alyx, also making a Gordon Freeman! Also if all goes well we will offer the Halloween TF2 ghost premade for well..Halloween! We are massive fans of Valve here at 3A!

Q: We already saw the new TKs, Lonely Star Warrior TK and Ninja TK they are so cool! Just wondering if you can tell us the stories of these new TKs and they role in Popbot Universe.
A: They populate the Underverse, where many realities meets, their revel in their loneliness and sorrow!

Q: Congratulations on Steel Age! Can you please share who you are working on at the moment and what stage the work is?
A: Well I have sketches for most major characters in the DC universe, Im a batman fan so he is first, but I have a love of the not so mainstream heroes as well.. Im very fond on my Green Arrow, Joker and Deadshot..

Q: You teased film studio news on your Instagram, does it mean that we will see Adventure Kartel animation series one day?
A: Well yea, thats the point, some stuff is right for the big guys, but some stories I have a passion to do myself, AK is one of them, even POPBOT isnt a normal situation, im deeply invested in that too. I think I can do some cool stuff in the motion world, lots to learn, but thats never stopped me!

Q: Anything you can share about upcoming 2000AD 1/12th scale wave?
A: Please support them, so we can make every character, they are looking nifty though!

Q: After seeing Zomb MD’s cloak, will we see more sculpted clothes on 1/6th figures?
A: I think so, sometimes a more controlled look is needed, and where it makes sense, rubber surgical cloak is one of those occasions!

Q: How was your trip to Japan, what's your favorite thing about Tokyo and what's 3A next destination?
A: Loved it, always amazed that there are so many supporters there, always a great city to visit! next stop China!