Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Welcome to another Q&A session with Ashley Wood, below you can find answers about WWR (including Bertie MK2 and mysterious BIRDCAGE),  Popbot, TKLUB releases; mention of Lone Star Wars TK, Transformers, Spawn, DC Comics and many more!

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Q: Just a simple and yet very important question for all WWR fans, can you please tell what is going to be next WWR bot release and will we see it at Bamba till the end of the year? Been rooting for Bertie for a while!  
A: Alberto and BERTIE MK2 1/6th this year, oh and the BIRDCAGE which is a Square variant, but a big difference.. you will see.

Q: Is the Heavy Slicer TK the next TKLUB release? I remember that it was referenced as next TKLUB some time ago.
A: Yes

Q: How do you think, is it possible to see Modern Girls pre-order or few more teasers this year?
A: I would love too, just never ready, many ideas, but I want to have some story out there before showing, they have a specific story. Im working with IDW on a 3A anthology to round out mine and TP's worlds, using writers and artists that I like. These stories are so overdue and I finally realise I cant do them all.. NYCC might see some info!

Q: Are we going to see / hear more about Popbot RC Girl? Really anxious to put her next to my TKYO!
A: Should be able to show her soon, just need a sample I like, Im shy of showing stuff early now, as it changes as I go and can give the wrong info. But ecpect spme TKYO and GIRL R/C info very soon!

Q: Can you please share any updates about MGS RAY or perhaps some photos, while we are waiting for the shipping announcement? And will we see another 3A x KOJIMA collaboration?  
A: Shipping very soon, had to get approvals on packaging and that can take a while, but everything is good, im thinking september, but without Kim to verify at this moment im half speculating but soon. Its an epic toy, will look great next too REX! We have some more MGS up our sleeves!

Q: We have AKLUB and TKLUB, but what about Pascha one? And offering some crazy versions or insane accessories for the rewards? What do you think?
A: There is something like that soon! CLUB ISO!

Q: Is there any confirmed date for fist 2000AD wave to make my funds ready?
A: This year, just playing with Death in HK and the figure, and we decided its better to have great articulation than a quick cheap toy, but this year for wave one!

Q: Have you started making prototypes for Steel Age? How far into the process and when do you foresee the Batman figure being released?
A: Will have the first figures end of year, Start with Batman then regular releases of other characters.

Q: Any news or comments about Transformers line, pretty please?
A: As mentionedin HK this last week, just played with Bumblebee, and saw the other favs too , comment>>>> I dont think there is a better one of the types we are making, infact there isnt hands down……...

Q: You’ve mentioned that Tommy and Lil’ Shadow will have updated versions coming out at some point, any news on that front ?
A: 10” little shadow this year, actually soon!

Q: Last time you said you want to make Mac Square, on incoming Mighty Square sale, maybe there’s a chance you will put Mighty Mac Square? Appel Caesar need a friends.
A: MMM that might be cool….. ok ill do that

Q: Is there anything you can share about 3A x Frederator collaboration?
A: We will show our collab soon, but it involves, Bravest warriors and Puppycat etc

Q: WWRp 1/12 Warscapes? Is it in the active phase or on back-burner at the moment?
A: Always working on them, just takes time, too many projects etc, not enough time or man power…

Q: Any plans for some more patches? Maybe with the new upcoming changes and VOX returning, they could be a cool regular competition prize?
A: We shall see, changes….mmmmm.

Q: You mentioned 10” Shadow and WWR Alberto in the comments on your Instagram, can you please share more details about them and when they might become available?
A: Both this year, little shadow is well little shadow, Alberto is the last of the Bertie heritage in the WWR story.

Q: The last non TK/Q Popbot character we saw threeA release was Lady Sham (prior to that it was Blind Cowboy, and then Popbot/Badbot before it). What’s the next release likely to be, are we still seeing Misty Slush this year, and where do you see the line being by this time next year?
A: Mo Prostrate, 5 bros, new Popbot, Andy are all in production!

Q: Is there anything you can share about HALO Master Chief, I have all four threeA HALO figures and need Master Chief?
A: Should be by September, just need to slot in!

Q: Will threeA ever release a 1:1 Popbot Sock Puppet? Would be fun!
A: It would, maybe ill prototype some.

Q: You mentioned the 2000AD  figures are looking nifty, I can’t wait. Will adverts appear in the comics/online prior to release? Making a big a noise as possible will get this line the support it deserves!
A: Ads online and in press like 2000ad, well the toys are cool, but you never know about support, really hope its there, we will be showing much more soon!

Q: Curious about Dodgy Wonka Square and what doors it unlocks, could you please share some info?
A: Well its like we said, if you bought it, you will have access to a special toy! Once it shops we can reveal more, the packaging evokes wanka chocolate, its a nice thing!

Q: Most all of the WWR units I have seen have names on them. Some are after celebrities, and some are just normal names. I recently found out the Forsty Choad Large Martin has my name, cool! Anyways, are all the units with normal names named after your friends (Scott, Micah, Lena and etc) and family or sometimes it’s just a coincidence?
A; Some are friends, some are people I admire, or I just like the sound of their name, its more a tradition that I have enjoyed over the years!

Q: When we might see EVOL Commanders and Grunts at Bambalandstore? Can you please share some additional informations about them?
A: When they are cool, it can take over a year or longer to get  right, the process is long and with so many other takes daily it really can stretch out. All there and we do talk about catching up on these threads, we have plans to fix, the mentioned changes..

Q: I know how it’s expensive to make large WWR bots, maybe we can organize some sort of the KLUB with downpayment? Let’s say you gather certain amount of money upfront at Bambalandstore for a large period of time (let’s say few month) and if we can’t raise the amount, customers get refund and if we do, that bot will be available only to that group.
A: I dont want to do that, ill offer more large bots, we have never not shipped a toy due to sales, will not start! even when we lose money we still produce and ship, we dont want let you guys down, its super important to me and all of us at 3A to support you guys as much as you support us!

Q: Would you be ever interested in making Flattering Meg Mucklebones figure, from Legend movie (1985)? Or perhaps other horror movie classic, like figures from Hammer films?
A: Hammer yes, Im a hammer fan , big time, love the company and films, but Im not sure how many would want them, Cushing Van helsing, Lee Dracula, damn cool!

Q: Who is the most powerful Tomorrow King? I mean if there would be a death-match between all Tomorrow Kings ever created, who would win without breaking into the sweat?
A: EMPEROR TK, the first and the last of the TK….

Q: Will Lone Star Wars TK make it to Bambaland one day, in one form or another? Maybe chase figure in 1/12th scale?
A: If all goes to plan you will be able to get the LWTK soon ( who knows what else ), 1/6th and all..

Q: What is going to be first 3A x Spawn/McFarlane figure?
A: Hellspawn, being worked on, but something like this cant be rushed!

Q: What is your sons favorite movie? And are there any family screenings in Ashley Wood’s house, when all family sits together and you are showing your favorite films to your kids and they show yours?
A: Well the  mentioned Hammer get a few airings, gerry anderson stuff, the older James bond films, buckeroo banzai , the classics man!