Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Welcome to the latest Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood and if you are interested in World Of 3A, this session has a lot to offer: WWR Birdcage; WWRp 1/12th scale sets in the works; Destiny; some intel on Popbot Interlopers; World Best Robots Mars estimated price and much more!

Before we proceed, here is how you can submit your interesting and original questions: by contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at WorldOf3A Facebook page wall or via WorldOf3A twitter and your question might get featured (as sadly we can't answer on each and every questions here) in one of future sessions. Thank you for all your questions and interest.

Q: Could you please let us know a bit more about WBR transition to 3AGO scale? Does it mean that we might see huge WBR with 8" tall pilots one day?
A: They don’t have pilots, they are robots hence the name WBR!

Q: One question, regarding Square Cosplay figures. ..why not a jack-o-lantern style like a pumpkin? The face is there but the extra effort to true fans of Halloween would deff buy...I remember watching the original Halloween as a kid with the three masks...pre-Michael meyers...that would be a murderous hallows drop!...a witch, skull and a pumpkin!
A: Pumpkins are cool!

Q: On Johan's card it mentions he is from the Sheba Hills Gang. I was wondering if you ever plan to release more of the characters from this gang and are they all as delightfully retro as Johan?
A: Ha, good ol' Sheba’s Hill Gang, well you're in luck, the bots that feature in the FUCKING FAMILY COUP/ ON THE RUN TOMMY story are from that lineage!

Q: Can you divulge any information on future releases for WWR EVOL? Will there be more Deep Powder or winter style colorways for new bots? Itching for some new robots in 1/6th and 1/12th scales.
A: Well you will see soon, as the MK2 Bertie and Alberto will answer these questions, even the new BIRDCAGE SQUARE covers some of this. I don’t want to get too ahead of them with info, won’t be long though!

Q: Please do tell us more about BIRDCAGE, is it Square variant from EVOL square or Mk1 Square..? Any background story for the BIRDCAGE? And of course, any pic (or at least, sketch)?  
A: Well it's the latest all military square, not so cute, and last of the Rothchild Squares. I'm very fond of it, has a ton of personality I think. Working on the release now, stay tuned, I might even give some blurries a go , but even blurred its trait will be obvious!

Q: Was there ever an idea of producing a Snake from the Metal Gear Solid licenses?
A: Yup, well a Peacewalker/portable ops Wood style one, still might do, do you guys want that?

Q: This been asked many times before, but I can't really help myself. Are there any updates on the WWR Weapons Pack?
A: Well I ask as much as you guys do, but no one sees it the same as us, I want it, but when everyone is stretched and I say hey, weapons pack yo, all I get is bins thrown at me!

Q: Can you please deny or confirm the fear of a lot of people thinking 3AGO will grab attention of 1/12 or take it's place entirely in 3A lineup?
A: Denied, we have much 1/12th in the pipeline, like a special worldwide WWRp line in conduction with Goodsmile and Hobby Japan coming for the new year, new waves of String Divers and vehicles and working on the next AK Wave, I would say about the same as in the past, we base the releases on the response from you guys, if the demand is there we will release more!

Q: So Ash, my TK's need some practice with their sword skills.  Can we get a severed Bot Head set up on Bamba please? Maybe a couple different styles and sizes in one pack?  I think they would sell pretty well as I know my other 3A TK homies on the forum here would like to see this as well.
A: We will try, I think a vinyl downed robot could be killer, not just the head, the whole thing, can’t articulate, but cool for TK posing!

Q: So excited about 12" tall severed bot head! What colorway will the bot head be? Which shape? Will they be wires coming out of it? (That would be awesome) I hope we will be able to pose it like on the sketch too!  
A: Kinda like the drawing, but better, movable eye etc, I might vary the colors, as I never said what it would be, I’m pretty sure any colorway will be great! These kinda sales are what 3A is about, you support and trust us, we will do our best in return!

Q: When the next volume of Popbot is released, can we please have a hardcover collected edition with the previous three volumes also included? It’s hard to get copies of Popbot comics on Amazon at a reasonable price. Speaking about books, anything you can share about Adventure Kartel book? Was excited to see that on your Instagram!
A: It's all the AK stuff up till now plus new in a really big book, I’m proud of it, all in one spot you can really see the AK world and how it's growing! Instagram is good, as it's pictures, that's all I'm good at, so it works well for me!

Q: Just received my Graveyard Shift Bertie Mk2.5, what's the story behind BGP - are they a Gaistaz offshoot or their own faction?
A: Graveyard are a ROTHCHILD experimental division off shoot, now gone rogue after Rothy’s moon ousting. They are kinda crazy and have a huge hate for the NOM, they have taken it upon themselves to hunt them all down and hang their masks from trees!

Q: Is the Heavy Duty Loper a TK disguised as a Loper or an actual Loper disguised as a TK? Or am I confused?
A: Or was there ever a Loper at all, not like the MORTIS said hey TK, we are making these grey TK looking chaps, are you fooled ? Makes sense I hope! The image of the TK wiping his finger down his face implies under that exterior is skin, the marking is called an Undersoul by those in the know!

Q: What's the plans for next OSM sets? Did the second T.H.U.G suit and Squares did better than the first one? Really love them and want to see more sets!
A: Well to be frank, not much support it seems, no one has ever really said "Ash love those models",  I do want to make models of all my stuff, just seems you guys don’t want them :)

Q: Destiny is out next week, when are we going to see the first figures from it in your collab with Bungie?
A: Soon as we can, we want to show you soon, but when you see the main characters in the game, well imagine us making it !

Q: With Halloween less than a couple months away, will we get the opportunity to buy 1:12 versions of Charkin and Ghost Head/Milky Charkin? Can you please hint what is coming?
A: You guys want a milky 1/12th? Siu, let's make some!!! Well we are making a pre-made thingy, and I'll try and offer sumin else too, gotta love Halloween!

Q: Speaking about future HALO releases, please do ODST or a UNSC Marine! Are they in your plans?
A: If you guys support the line, I'll make them, these guys are extremely expensive to make, and when we offer them all the money has been spent on dev on molds, so we have to be cautious, etc. I personally want an ODST!

Q: Please give us Lore figures! Kachinas, Willow Box, Mercenaries, and especially a Lantern Jack! What do we have to do, to make that happen?
A: Best Question! I guess why aren’t we? Well we are working on a few, guess I need help!..Gah or time will end before I get around to stuff…

Q: Is it going to be a weathered version of the upcoming 10" Little Shadow? I'm looking forward for her since you first told about her. My favorite 3A character!
A: Yes, all the old and new! Was looking at the Beijing mega set, the saturday set thingy today, wanna do that again!

Q: After seeing Driven Snow, I been thinking, what are the chances to see whiteout Fighting Jesus or Tommie?
A: JC can never be that clean, but he would look super like that FAKE CLEAN JC, Tommy is too EMO to wear white, but there others with the whitey virus… It's funny I kinda went ahead and made a small run as I wanted one, now there seems much interest in it, you can never tell what people are gonna dig!

Q: Will EMGY Bertie MK2 or HKV exclusives like Hatchery Guard colorways be available in the upcoming Bertie sale? Will the Berties be equipped with handguns or gatling guns?
A: Both guns, and as many colorways as I can get away with!
Q: Does Rothchild listen to music when he watches his children kill through the monitors? Any heavy electronic stuff like dub-step?
A: He listens, the world talks.

Q: Is there any update on your possible involvement with Iron Giant? It would be cool to put a Deep-Powder color way on him in reference to the end of the movie.
A: Well we tried, and were told it's all taken, as in the licenses, bummer but there you go!

Q: Can't wait for Worlds Best Robots release here, can you please share any estimates on Mars price?
A: Under 250, I want it under 240, 230 would be best, that's a lotta bot for 230, right fellas!

Q: That Cosplay Miyu shown on the blog this week, is that from SDCC'14 Bamba release? And is there a chance to see more girls like that? Maybe Cosplay and Beer Girls combo if that makes sense?
A: I have a ton of Pascha girls to photograph, I'll post some soon, and yes that's the Choco Orange Square!

Q: When we might see EVENFALL 1/6 T.H.U.G robot? Really loving the design and want more EVENFALL period.
A: Good stuff, well I had a epiphany for that, I kept playing with pilots in different way and nothing worked with me 100%, and then I was just looking at it with its proportions and thought its a robot, Ash, stop pretending it isn’t.. So yea well it's ready to go now. It has actually helped round out the story and world too, sometimes you try and keep stuff out, and eventually you see it's needed.

Q: What are you listening to lately? Any gems you stumbled upon?
A: Well I'm enjoying Merchandised latest offering released via 4AD, Childhood is a good listen check their album Lacuna. Also French Films fills the void!