3A. 2008 - 2019. Thank You for Everything

The era of 3A is coming to a close. Kim and I are forging ahead in different directions. I wish Kim nothing but the best on the journey he is taking Threezero in and I’m grateful to have spent so many years in the trenches with the man. I’m proud of what 3A has produced and accomplished these 11 years. It’s been a sincere honor and privilege to work with all of the 3A crew, past and present. My journey, my art, and my worlds, however, are heading towards new frontiers with head held high and brush in hand.

And to the fans –  Thank you. 3A could not have been what it was without you. 

Rest assured – this is not the end, it’s another beginning. The band remains the same, only the label is changing. 

See you in the Underverse. 

– Ash 

Gregory Prout