ThreeA x BBICN booth at ACG 2012

More photos from ThreeA x BBICN booth at ACG 2012, I just love seeing all the figures on photos and so want for all Legion members to make it there! I particularly love seeing all the Harolds in 1/6th and 1/12th scale together and of course life-size Bambaboss, JEA Large Martin and everyone's favorite: 1:1 Square! Huge thanks for the photos to BBICN forum members: lion and p36137

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Howdy guys, Im writing this one fingered as I nurse my ongoing Ulnar nerve issue, i kinda messed it up again carrying heavy shit during my studio upgrade/move. I was advised that spending 8 hours sat in a plane seat then a train2 hours would be very bad. BBICN has made what I think is the greatest 3A display so far, Im very pissed I cant see it, but I hope some of you guys do and please take some photos to show the Legion! Fingers crossed my arm is ready for Thailand in two weeks! Thanks to al!ASH

ashley wood
Holidays at ThreeA office

Over Christmas (25-26) and January 1st our Custer Service team ( ) will be taking well earned rest so if your inquiries will be send around that time,  they will get back to you as soon as possible. I want to wish you Merry Christmas and I hope you will spend great time with your family and friends!

And the Rothchild goes to....

Each good story always starts with the tradition and this one isn't an exception. During all Bambalandstore sale, we have a fun thread at ThreeA forum, which goes live 24 hours prior to the sale and stays alive until product is up at the store. It's the best place to share the excitement, ask questions and have some good old fun. One of the rituals of that thread is that we allow & encourage fan art from our boardies, only rule is that it has to be inspired and dedicated to the product on sale, usually there aren't any prizes and people do it just for fun.

Yesterday, Ashley said that there will be New Dawn Fades Rothchild (never offered for sale) prize to the best sketch author. Sound great right?! And it becomes only better: at the end three winners were picked!

So prepare to meet them: BRiZL, Mr.Roboto and giantdwarf. Congratulations guys, well deserved!

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62 entries were submitted and it was insanely hard to pick the winners, because everyone was bloody good! Huge thank you goes to were great! Gallery with all the submissions and author names can be seen here on imgur.

Shogun TK sale

Shogun TKs will stay at the store a bit longer (not too long though), to compensate for earlier technical difficulties and to give more people an opportunity to buy the figures. Currently they are available both at and at (under 3A toys sections).

Pudding Boss contest winners

If you saw your winning entry at Christmas VOX  , please send following information to :

  • your winning image and full contact info, including: your name, address and contact phone number
  • address (must be in Chinese, if you are from China)

Congratulation to the contest winners and thank you again for your amazing entries!