Unpredictable Gravity Art Show

A heads up about a great Art show opening on the 9th of Jan at Roq La Rue gallery!

“Unpredictable Gravity” Group Show curated by Robbie Lowery

with part proceeds to be donated to cancer charities.

artist list:

Jeremy Geddes, Ashley Wood, Brian Despain, John Brophy, Sail, Camilla D’Errico, Phil Hale, Ross Richmond, Christopher Thompson, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Thomas Doyle, Esao Andrews, Ben Templesmith, Ego, Menton Mathews III, Tyler Stout, Todd Karam, Peter Ferguson, Mike Mitchell, Martin Wittfooth, AJ Fosik, Brett Amory, Jacub Gagnon, Matthew Dunn, Ryan Heshka, Joao Ruas, Josh Keyes, Syd Bee, ThreeA, Derek Nobbs

Roq La Rue

532 1st Ave S.
Seattle, WA 98104
They are located near 1st Ave S and King Street Sin the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood in downtown Seattle.

ashley wood
Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Welcome to another Q&A session with Ashley Wood!

This session is the last one this year and I want to thank everyone, who been following this feature and constantly asking questions, and of course enormous thank you to Ashley Wood, for finding time to do these and liking the idea!

If you have an original and interesting question in mind and if you want for Q&A to keep happening in 2014, please send your question or questions directly to gimbat@threeAonline.com ; or you can submit them via 3AVOX Facebook page or 3Asupport twitter.

Q: I personally can't wait to see what 3A has cooking for NYTF in February! Will there be any special drops at Bambalandstore?
A: I am not sure, we certainly will have unseen toys at the show, and I think we should be able to offer, its just a time and resource issue, fingers crossed !

Q: Fighting JC is such an icon! Any chance to see him on prints / giclees?
A: Really, a JC print, get me a list of people wanting such stuff!

Q: With an expansion of The Adventures of Isobelle line, is there a chance of clothes packs sold at Bamba? I would love to buy some Beer Girl's boots for my other figs!
A: ha, you know that would be great, like Barbie, just a blister packed set of clothes etc.. I am on it !

Q: When we might see first releases from MARS initiative?  
A: Well Crystal is working away on her line, and we have teamed up on a 1/6th bike as well. Also a new female figure from Crystal is in sculpting.

Q: What are you the most excited about in 2014? WWR EVOL, new Popbot, new Les Mort, Marvel maybe or something else?
A: I like all my stuff equally, of course somedays im hyper excited about this or that, though Newtons War is pretty exciting to design!

Q: What are you doing during Bambalandstore pre-orders? Do you paint or monitor the pre-order to see whether people supported the release or you wait till the very end, to give it a look?
A: I draw, design, take care of 3A business etc, I have learned over the years not to worry and just accept the outcome. In the end thats all I can do, If you guys support it, awesome, ill do more, if not Ill think again on it. My main internal mission is to just do it, not think about the market, how to sell etc, thats pretty much it, sure im like wow, no one wanted that, I wonder why?, but thats also the beauty of it, its not a given, its not mcdonalds, and it could all end so quick. Its a great romance, all or nothing, any other way wouldnt be fun right ?

Q: What was the most exciting 3A sale for you so far? What surprised you the most? Was it Large Martin sale back in the day, when Mr. Frosty was gone without any photos (just a partial teaser)?
A: mm that would have been Nom de Plume, a great day, Mr Frosty was a great indication that 3A supporters were the best, trusting and generous!

Q: Will there be a new RE-VENTURE 2.0 show in Hong-Kong / China in 2014?
A: You know, we want to do them in the USA or Europe next, time will tell!

Q: Seeing so many beautiful and different Isobelle releases, made me think about cunt-wine, you mentioned in the good old days of first 3A forum. It was such a cool idea, do you remember the times?
A: I have purchased cases of unlabeled wine just for this, OL CUNTY sav is happening! I dont forget anything as great as this, I loved the forum for such fun stuff! Issobelle and co are important parts of my cannon, and shit like Ol Cunty too, its my Warhol side, the artistry in multiply etc Pascha is a transition card, a bridge against many things, Im just glad Ms Pascha writes such material and conjures apparitions of discord.

Q: You mentioned 10" TQs, will this body be used for other figures like World of Isobelle Pascha and Adventure Kartel Characters? So their height will be more proportional to male threeA figures.
A: All my females are in proportion, in my worlds they always tower above, but yes, the 10" will be used all over, for two reasons, its cool and it cost a fuckload to make:)

Q: Last week you said: "Yes" to new EMGY robots but nothing about that Deep Powder part of the question. Does this mean we won't see a WWR Deep Powder Bertie MK2 or no new Deep Powder or Winter themed robots beyond that into the Evol-chapter?
A: They will be there if there is support for the lines, also the Bertie MK2 1/6th will certainly have Deep Powder versions.

Q: Will we see Martian Sloggers in 2014? And how many different variants there will be? Do you have a name for them already?
A: It would be nice, Im always pushing to get stuff sooner, as mentioned earlier, who knows how long this will continue right, I want them as much as you!!!!

Q: What will be first new Grunt release in 2014 (you mentioned that they are coming)?

Q: We'll see new EMGY robots in the future (based on your answers), will we see new EMGY troopers as well?
A: EMGY is different in EVOL, I think I hinted at this, its become pretty obvious they were not the most caring of corps, so they decide to say fuck it, and go on the offense!

Q: We know that first WWR Evol release is the Rothchild and who will be the last? Do you have whole story formulated in your head?
A: Last will be Rothchild, he started this war, he will be there at the end, he might be my fav character in WWR, I think he represents much, a product of his surrounds, how a child can be twisted by lack of care and empathy, which he then transfers to the world. But he is also smart and does not have such a simple track as I want to be evil and kill, in his mind he is a stern father, believing his way is right. Complex and nebulous.

Q: With a new 10" TQ in the works will we see more catsuit Tomorrow Queens or Tomorrow Queens with stockings like the iconic Munich NTQ? Maybe a new 3 pack like the first regular Bambaland release?                                                                                          
A: The suits were cool, I miss them...

Q: There has been some misunderstanding about the term: "Corp" in WWR, especially when we were discussing it on the forum, as everyone has opinions and his own idea about WWR.
If you use the word in JEA Marine Corp, EMGY Corp, Lactose Corp or Medic Corp do you mean "Corps" or "Corporation"? As in that last case these might be some kind of guns for hire, instead of military or public service.
A: Corp as in group, loosely military in term!

Q: Last week there was a question about Martian Robots and you answered we already have seen Martian Robots. Since they aren't easily recognizable for some of the fans and there had been a heated debate about it, can you please give us a hint or say the ones mentioned below are Martian or not?
- Olympus Mons Dropcloth (aka Deimos Liberator)
- Deimos Defence
- Phobos Defence
- Cydonia Western Defence
- Martian Dam Buster (duh)
A: The head hunter drop cloth, the butcher style etc. There are a few.

Q: When threeA started, we had a couple of major and new WWR robot releases per year. It slowed down lately, will we see more WWR robots and variants in 2014 with WWR Evol reboot?
A: Well with Harold taking so long, we didn't feel it would be right to offer more until done, also the price is rather high and we don't want to stress WWR fans with too many large robots (I think Harold buyers will love him, and the mini Harold!!), you guys are always saying too much, costs too much we do listen, but sometimes economics say we have to offer stuff etc.

Q: There has been some talk about the scale of the TK Hunter posted on the WO7174 blog, some insisted it was 1:12 and some recent artwork you posted indicates they're correct. Is the TK Hunter 1:12 or 1:6 and / or are we still waiting for a 40" 1:6 TK Hunter robot?
A: Well the TK hunter really works in the 1/12th world, the scale is right for that, but during my play test, it works well with 1/6th too. its really big already, the engineering at this size is kinda crazy already, its not like the shogun warriors with simple articulation etc, these guys can move really well, any bigger and the equation gets crazy and the costs just get stupid. The TK hunter is really fun and great, I really cant wait to show you guys how it works and what you can do with it!

Q: Not sure this has been asked already but since you mentioned we will see a new 1:6 scale Kitty release to go with a new Popbot figure, is it possible we will see a new vinyl 1:1 kitty in the AW collection?
A: I want a vinyl Kitty 1:1, ill see what possible, I know I have been told there are size limits to what vinyl sizes we can do etc.

Q: Is there a distinguished line between the original Adventure Kartel series and The Fucking Robot Island series or is it just a name?
A: Well is the story line they appear in, its a trigger for your imagination mainly, the characters that appear are involved in the story and have that logo thingy to say so. There will be a new story line soon, The Dead Astro kinda starts it, as he is on the hunt to kill Tommy Mission, this is tough for many reasons, as Tommy aint alive, Bleak doesn't like the idea of anyone fucking with his boy, alive or dead, Little Shadow feel almost guilty and decides to stage a coup he own family to take away the focus that she might have hired the Dead Astro etc. FUCKING FAMILY COUP storyline it will be called.. mm maybe it should be on the Astro...!!

Q: Technically we've had 4 Tommy Mission variants, will we see a more evolved 2014 variant in the future, maybe a Shit Got Real Tommy?
A: I have a new Tommy, ON THE RUN TOMMY, in disguise Tommy basically, with some magical weapons!

Q: Are BEER Girls pre-made or just limited, meaning that it will be F5 sale or it's 24 hours pre-order?
A: Pre-made, ltd amount for sale on Monday, its an ok number, as many as we could make up till the 24th of this month!

Q: I love to pose my Ankou-Ex Thruxton Industrial Army Hire with a Bertie Smart gun but hated to leave one of my Caesars practically without heavy fire power. Is a WWR robot weapon pack still on the horizon? Or would it be a better idea to have all WWR weapons listed separately in a standard gun metal colorway for a month or so as Bambaland Resident Sale and ship them with a standardized S/H price to eager fans? No emo about weapons left out of the weapon pack or not enough from one or another.
A: You know I have sent in the weapons pack details, I guess no one thinks its cool enough to make but you and me!

Q: On the WO3A blog you posted new WO7174 and AK t-shirts, will these come in the "girly sizes" t-shirt variants? Female among 3A Legion need some t-shirts too!
A: I can ask, but I think a tshirt provider only makes the sizes we offer, I want the female legion to have the choice too! They are going up this week, just as FYI.

Q: Without the forum it's very difficult to follow what's going on with Zomb Anthology Book for charity, can you please give us some update? Would love to support the good cause and this awesome project! Thank you again for allowing us to contribute!  
A: Um my part is done, I'm waiting to get a copy myself, I can't speak on anyones else's behalf! I think its great that the 3A community made it happen!

Q: When did you came to revelation that 3A is more than just a company and is changing the whole vinyl scene and influences so many people? What were you thinking in that moment?
A: err, is it, I kinda don't think like that, I think, I don't know what I think, I feel i just want to make stuff I like etc, I figure im not that special, so maybe some other folks may dig what I do. I just want to be that guy that doesnt change his ways, regardless of what changes around him, ill still say cunt and draw breasts and spell shit wrong, just to fuck with peeps or for me, or best of all to make TP smile. I want to know this In the end as soundtrack cuts in and my ship is sinking ill do a lookback, salute and go under happy! that kinda doesnt answer the question, but sounds pretty cool!

Q: Will we see more AP-PEL figures in WWR? Or Steve was the one and only figure? Which frankly makes sense.
A: That was my one off gesture to Apple and Jobs, i love that toys but damn I should have made a Mac classic square!!!! nooooooooo


Ashley Woodgimbat

Last sale of 2013, it could only be the Beer Girl Lizbeth! pre-made LTD sale. First of the BEER girl offerings! 140usd shipped There are rare chase variants etc, if you dont want one, just say in the order message box on Bamba, but I have to say they are very rare chases so it wont really be an issue! One Liz per customer!!!

Isobelle PaschaBrent Ashe
Shipping update

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

This week we will start shipping out following 3A releases:

  • Blister Carded T-Shirt #4 (The Nabler T-Shirt)
  • WWR Harold FS
  • Action Portable Tomorrow Queens

A bit of a notice from our CS to the customers in China and Hong Kong. All orders (for the items mentioned above) placed by customers based in China will be shipped out this week and orders placed by Hong Kong customers are shipping out right after Christmas and New Year's day.

Recently shipped out figures and releases:

  • Adventure Kartel Golden Dolphin
  • WWRp (1/12th scale) NW&DW Dropcloths
  • WWRp (1/12th scale) Dropcloth Superset

If you want to request tracking number or have any questions about your orders, please never hesitate to contact our Customer Service professionals at cs@threeAonline.com , we will be delighted to help you! Since it's the Holiday season, our Customer Service professionals will be resting on December 25-26 and returning to work this Friday. If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or engage with our official 3AVOX Facebook page.