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A little info on H/S and Civic Defence:

Herbert and Spencer are an Enigmatic English duo who almost overnight took over the job of supplying robots for the Earth based Anti Mars Coalition and others. H/S offer a range of new bots and ret conned Rothchild robots with a new more personality driven AI. Previously H/S were suppliers of industrial machinery and robots, the general population are not aware of Rothchild's fall from the Moon to the wilds of South America, and only the astute followers of military robots have taken note of a shift in design and supply! 

What has happened to the majority of the Rothchild production facilities is still unknown, but evidence of the ubiquitous Rothchild Mechanic shows that embers of the Rothchild backbone still burns somewhere!

The Civic Defence Corp is the general corp of all Anti Mars Coalition members locales. The AMC believe a visible unified group will protect and keep the AMC members population protected ( from rogue countries that have either sided with MARS or have taken a stance against the AMC ) and grant a feeling of safety and stability.

Most scholars of this period believe it to be the most volatile and dangerous, with multiple fronts of war and multiple parties looking to establish superiority ( MARS, AMC ( Anti Mars Coalition ), MARSA ( Martian Advocates ), ICG ( Independent Countries Group ) and NOM ( Nitor Obduro Macto ***unconfirmed***).




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Blog recap (December 20th – December 27th)

Welcome to our weekly blog recap, covering everything posted on the blog from December 20th till now, to make sure you haven't missed any info or photos.

This week, we updated our blog with photo coverage from Toysoul exhibition and re-scheduled WWR SOTF Civic Defence Bertie MK2 (check the blog coverage for pics) and WWR SOTF Civic H/S Mule aka Birdcage sale to December 29th. We offered for pre-order WWR SOTF Bertie MK2 Dirty Deeds Version 2 and at the moment it's still up at Bambaland for 180USD shipped worldwide.

Along with Bertie we still have 15-Inches (38.1cm) tall and 12-Inches (30.5cm) wide Transformers Bumblebee Bambaland Exclusive Version available for pre-order at Bambaland. Bambaland Exclusive Version comes with Control Pillar Accessory (has light-up feature and stands 8.5-Inches (21.6cm) Tall).  Please check the following post here for Bumblebee full details and info.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone, stay tuned!

All dates are in Hong Kong time format.


  • Weekly blog recap (link)

SUNDAY – DECEMBER 21st, 2014

  • Ashley Wood about Toysoul exhibition (link)

MONDAY – December 22nd, 2014

  • 3A at Toysoul exhibition – photo coverage (link)


  • Merry Christmas from 3A and our office will be closed for holidays (link)
  • WWR SOTF 1/6th Bertie MK2 Dirty Deeds Version 2 info; WWR SOTF Civic Bertie and Civic H/S Mule aka Birdcage pre-order is re-scheduled to December 29th (link)
  • Shipping update (link)


  • WWR SOTF 1/6th Bertie MK2 Dirty Deeds V2 up for pre-order at Bambaland (link)
  • Pre-order WWR SOTF Civic Bertie MK2 on December 29th  (link)


  • WWR SOTF 1/6th Bertie MK2 Dirty Deeds V2 leaves the store today  (link)