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1/10 Chance to get a Special square with 7174 Guard Nom ! 

7174 NOM by F3ACTORY this friday 9am hk time

22nd DEC 2017 9am HK time

Only on

7174 NOM by F3ACTORY


1/6th Scale Collectible Figure Series
Designed by Ashley Wood

Approximately 12inch tall
Classic Sticker boxed pack

7174 NOM comes with

Masked Nom Head (with gas tank and tube)
7174 printed T-Shirt
Tailored and weathered Pouches set
Real Nom boots
Gloved sculpted Nom hands x 1pair
Pistol (with holster) x 1set

Designed by Ashley Wood © 7174 pty ltd, ThreeA

** LIMITED ITEM, Limited 1PC for each Shipping address/ Phone number.
** Order will be cancelled and refunded if duplicate orders found.
** ThreeA / 7174 pty ltd. reserves the right to cancel the orders if improper purpose is suspected. 

Premade item, shipping in 2~4weeks. 

Siuyinnom, 7174, Bambaland
The 3AA Bambaland Passport

Change is afoot for 2018 as 3AA Members will not only receive a killer membership pack, discount, membership card, and the much anticipated 1/6th Scale Future Mort 13 – members will now become Bambaland Passport holders gaining exclusive access to Bambaland itself! 

2018 will see a clear refocusing of OG lines and characters, along with the debut of several new series created by Ashley Wood. These releases will be offered only in the 3AA Members area of Bambaland and not offered anywhere else! 

Licensed lines will continue on in their own separate capacity. We are reducing the amount of licensed series and releases in order to focus on the original worlds we've created. Licensed series pre-sales will be open to the public, but only 3AA members will be able to receive a discount on their orders. 

More details coming soon! 

Gregory Prout

AP Heavy Slicer TK December 6th Only At Bambaland!

USD $110
Price Includes Worldwide Shipping via Courier

Gregory Prout

Transformers G1 Ultra Magnus is in stock and available at ThinkGeek!

Hasbro, ThreeA, and THINKGEEK proudly present Transformers Generation One Ultra Magnus!

Ultra Magnus is all soldier. Known as the Duly-Appointed Enforcer of the Tyrest Accord and seen most comfortable when carrying out Optimus Prime’s orders. He possesses magnificent fighting skills, courage, and a gift for battlefield improvisation. Although uncomfortable in the mantle of leadership, he presents a strong profile as commander and has greatly earned the admiration of his fellow Autobots. Resolute, fair, and courageous beyond reproach. Ever ready to sacrifice himself for the good of bot and mission.

TF G1 Ultra Magnus stands 16inches tall, includes over 30% die-cast metal detailing, 59 points of articulation, and features LED illuminated details, a variety of accessories, and incredibly detailed weathered paintwork!

Hasbro x ThinkGeek x ThreeA Presents:

Transformers Generation One
Premium Scale Collectible Series

Limited Edition of 500!

Zinc Alloy, ABS, PVC, POM, PC and Magnet


  • Officially Licensed by Hasbro

  • Approximately 16inches Tall (40.64cm)

  • 59 points of Articulation

  • LED Illuminated Optics, Autobot Badge, Blaster Rifle, and Matrix Chamber

    • Requires 8x AG-13 Batteries (Batteries Not included)

  • 30% Die-cast Metal Detailing


  • Autobot Matrix

  • Interchangeable Blue Energon Ax

  • Blaster Rifle

  • Removable Tankard Grenades

  • Magnetically Removable Tire Wells

Gregory Prout

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Update: 10.31.2017

  • WWR | Nurse Bertie MK2
  • WOIP | Bambi DIY Film
  • Transformers G1 | Optimus Prime
  • Evenfall | T.O.T.E.M. 16-inch Big Thug


  • Evenfall | T.O.T.E.M. Agents
  • Evenfall | T.O.T.E.M. Arctic Albino Set
  • Tomorrow Kings | SHOWA TK Troopers
  • 2000AD | Apocalypse War Judge Dredd
  • WWR | Faust + Dario Set


  • DOOM | Marine – December
  • WWR | Nom De Plume Final Fight - December
  • TK | Brnz Mstr TK – December
  • AK | P Grove – Q4
  • AK | Death of Black Onyx Set – Q4
  • AK | Stygian Skull Onyx – Q4
  • AK | Haunted Onyx GID – Q4
  • TK | Tomorrow Tomb Diver Interlopers – Q4
  • WWRp | Von Nom Shitty 9 Commander – Q1 2018
  • WWRP | Rothchild DLM V3 Shagrocks – Q1 2018
Gregory Prout